Monte Cristo 6 and The Return of The Dead

Saturday Stories
September 12 Edition

The Cathedral of Monte Cristo

Episode 6

"You know, Ka Benjamin," said Andong, another farmer, "just like I told the captain, these killings and disappearances started when somebody came to live in the old mansion on the hill."

"I noticed that too," nodded Uncle Benjamin, washing his hands at the coconut bowl filled with water.

"The so-called haunted house?" asked Crisostomo, sounding confused. "Nobody has lived there as far as I can remember!"

"Nobody has lived there for centuries!" said Andong. "A father massacred his entire family there, and then he hanged himself! Why, my grandmother herself, God bless her soul, told me that the house is cursed!"

"Who is living there, anyhow?" asked Crisostomo.

Nobody answered. They all seem to avoid looking at him.

To Be Continued Next Saturday

The Return of The Dead

April 28, 2015, Tuesday

The knife was sharp as evil. A man lures a teenage boy into his motor home. He ties the boy down on the table and strips him naked. Then he skillfully dissects him like a surgeon. All the while, the boy was still alive.

I returned John Saul's Black Lightning to a friend I'll call Escobal who lent it last week. I was the detective investigating the murders in my mental movie version. The man is arrested and becomes a celebrity. He swears vengeance on the journalist who brought him down. He is executed amidst the media circus .

Everybody saw him die on the electric chair. The journalist's husband suddenly dies at the exact same time. Two men died. Only one was revived.

But both came back from the dead.

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"Nephew, three people have already been found dead!" said Benjamin, one of the farmers. "There were bite marks on their necks and they were completely drained of blood!"~ Episode 5
My priority from now on is to find alignment with the source energy of the universe. I'm a soul. I'm a being of vibration. I won't even think too much about it anymore. If I concentrate on what I want, it brings my vibrations to the fact that I don't have it. ~ A Lesson From Abraham Hicks