Monte Cristo (9) and Fortress of Solitude (3)

Saturday Stories
October 10 Edition

The Cathedral of Monte Cristo

Episode 9

He expected to be free from the temptations of the flesh because he was now under the protection of God. But he was wrong.

Suddenly he was freezing.

Padre Amidala felt his entire being gripped by the tentacles of unfathomable terror. The priest began to be afraid, not only for his life, but for his immortal soul.

He ran to the cross, his mind screaming a desperate plea - when the statue of Christ opened its eyes and nailed him with a penetrating stare.

The priest screamed in pure horror, and fell on the marble floor. 

To Be Continued Next Saturday

My Own Fortress of Solitude

Episode 3

I also knew intuitively that the answers I was seeking are within me all along, like a diamond under a mountain.

My place of meditation is in my mind, like the teacher said in Eat, Pray, Love, one of the movies I was watching earlier this week while unwinding from work.

I'm like the spiritual traveler in that story: I'm also going through some things I needed to sort out for myself. We are on a different itenerary but on the same spiritual quest: trying to once again find that sense of being a part of something more than the world. If I can only brush away the unwanted elements from my heart, then the infinite intelligence of the universe would rush to fill the empty space with the joy and peace that is my birthright as an eternal being.

Eat, Pray, Love

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Jonathan Aquino said…

A vampire with the power to control men's minds. When I'm filled with paranormal thoughts, I think of a young clairvoyant named Odd Thomas, the unforgettable hero from Dean Koontz's bestselling series. We have so much in common. We both want a simple and quiet life. We seek serenity, even as we are drawn into strange adventures by forces greater than our own.

Jonathan Aquino said…

The priest was standing alone in the altar. It was midnight, the time when spirits from the netherworld are said to roam. ~ The Cathedral of Monte Cristo Episode 8

Jonathan Aquino said…

I can relate to the way Odd has created a simple and quiet life for himself. He is surrounded by people who love him even if he is different from every else. ~ What's Odd About Thomas?