The Cathedral of Monte Cristo (Episode 14)

Saturday Stories
November 14 Edition

The Cathedral of Monte Cristo

Episode 14

"Jesus Christ," was all the priest could say.

Alfonzo slowly shook his head slowly with an air of mystery. 

"He's not here."

Padre Amidala started to recite the Lord's Prayer – and Alfonzo joined him. The priest stopped, speechless.

"You insult your God with empty words!" Alfonzo sneered at him.

The priest kept backing up, and fell back on the front pew.

Alfonzo walked slowly towards him.

To Be Continued Next Saturday

Huggybear's Diaries

February 14, 2015, Saturday

This piece is part of the first draft of the story I'm writing today 

The universe is my friend. I have a beautiful life. I live in a wonderful world. I can think of a lot more corny cliches but they all say the same message–and they all lead to the same truth.

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Huggybear said…

My new apartment would be perfect if it can serve as a music studio, but I can still vocalize if I just modulate my voice and I can still play the guitar if I just pluck and strum softly. I'm in the rhythm of Paul McCrane's "Is It Okay If I Call You Mine" even without the window above the lights of Broadway and Times Square. ~ excerpt from my November 10 journals.