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December 26 Edition

Always Something New In My Life

December 16, 2015, Wednesday

I love the sense of a new beginning when New Year comes near.

In my spiritual journey, I learned that time is not linear, not a series of past, present and future moments, but rather, everything is happening all at once.

I owe my awakening to many people, most of whom I've never met in my current lifetime, yet they all became my teachers. Some are still living, like Chris Grissom, Gary Zukav and Jaime Licauco. Some are gone, like Wayne Dyer, Jose Silva and Robert Monroe.

And some are even nonphysical, like Abraham, Ambres, Seth and the voice that spoke through Edgar Cayce.

I have come to know the places where time and space do not even exist. A new book found me yesterday, The Celtic Shaman by John Matthews, allowing me to see more clearly my relationship to all of creation.

A shaman, like Don Miguel Ruiz from whom I learned the ancient yet timeless wisdom of the Toltecs, and Don Juan Matus and Don Genaro from the classic memoirs of Carlos Castañeda, is a man of wisdom and a voyager between worlds. With us throughout our lives is our inner shaman and our power animals mak who will be our guides and protectors.

John Matthews' book came at the perfect moment in my life, as if summoned by a Higher Power, which, after all is said and done, I know to be true. I'm on the right track and my journey continues.

"Go swiftly and gently," he says, "and your path will surely be filled with wonder."

Something New In My Life 
Stephen Bishop

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Huggybear said…

"Dreams, like everyone I've had a few in my life,
who knew that this one would come true in my life..."