The Cathedral of Monte Cristo (Episode 21)

Saturday Stories
January 16 Edition

The Cathedral of Monte Cristo
Episode 21

The public speakers in Rajah Solaiman Plaza were playing High by The Speaks. Sharona was strolling. It was nearly midnight but she still hasn’t hooked a customer yet.

Things were better in Isetann Recto Mall earlier. So what if the DOM looked like he escaped from a morgue? Money is atill money – even if she felt like a mortician. She recognized the girl who was buying a cigarette.

“Hi, Fidelity!”

“Hi!” said Fidelity, lighting a Philip.

“Girl, you’re a millionaire!” exclaimed. Sharona. “Buy me a cigarette, hoy!”

“If you only knew how penniless I am,” moaned Fidelity. “I am the Destitute Diva.”

“You break my heart you cheap cunt.” Sharona turned to the vendor. “Give me Hope, Joanna.”

To Be Continued Next Saturday

Huggybear Diaries

March 1, 2015, Sunday

I have seen for myself, since I began my quest for spiritual enlightenment, that our lives are governed by the Law of Attraction.

I make it a point to project good thoughts about my fellowmen, and lo and behold, decent people would come and touch my life.

Abraham Hicks On The Law of Attraction

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The second is "You must learn how to handle rejection."