The Cathedral of Monte Cristo (Episode 22)

Saturday Stories
January 23 Edition

The Cathedral of Monte Cristo

Episode 22

“I was talking to Amor yesterday,” said Fidelity. “You know, the Gonorrhea Goddess? She said she can get me in a club in Pasay. Trouble is, the owner is a sadist. Sounds interesting.”

“Wait a minute,” said Sharona. “I thought you have a sugar-daddy from Customs.”

“Oh you mean the Queen of Plaza Miranda?” asked Fidelity seraphically. “Turns out that he prefers boys.”
“Then pimp Chico!”

“Young boys, my Virgin Diva. And in case you didn’t know: Chico, or should I say, The Hold-Upper for All Seasons, is now working for the cops.”


“Just the usual kind.”

“He’s a police asset?”

“More like a liability.”

To Be Continued Next Saturday

Huggybear Diaries

February 25, 2015, Wednesday

I find my voice as I blazed my own trail in a world of compromises. 

I make my voice heard above the noise in a world of conformity.

Go The Distance
Michael Bolton

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Huggybear said…

"I'll be there someday, I can go the distance..."

Huggybear said…

The most important life lesson I learned from peak performance guru Tony Robbins is what he calls The Five Keys To Wealth and Happiness, from his bestselling book Unlimited Power. I'll share them one by one on the comment section of our previous episodes of 2Rivers.