A True Decent Man

Saturday Stories
March 26, 2016 Edition
I know I'm a vibrational being. My life now is what I have attracted by my mind's strongest vibrations. What I fail to fathom is how did I pull in the neighbors, the office management and the security guards that all violate everything that I believe in.

I keep thinking of Edgar Cayce in times like these. He had done more to help people that I ever could, and he had found the connection to the infinite in a way that completely defies my understanding. Yet he suffered more than those who cannot see beyond ego and avarice.

Few are those who had led a more decent and honorable life. He had learned to overcome the sense of alienation from being different than anyone else. Still, so many times in his unparalleled life he had felt that his greatest power was also his biggest curse.

~ Huggybear Diaries, June 16, 2015, Tuesday

Edgar Cayce: Life and Times of the Famous Psychic
Full BBC Documentary

Photo courtesy of EdgarCayce.org


Huggybear said…

"It is thought and feeling which guides the universe, not deeds." ~ Edgar Cayce

Huggybear said…

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