Everything Is Connected

Saturday Stories
May 28, 2016 Edition
Everything Is Connected

I felt great hope when, in a moment of what I would describe as incisive contemplation, I came across Penny Pearce's Frequency that seem to speak to me about an autumnal existentialism in my quest for higher understanding.

I fit in one of the stages on the way to full emotional awareness and, hopefully, enlightenment.

It is so wonderful to experience how connected everything is. I was again reading Wayne Dyer's Your Sacred Self, this time with a deeper understanding of his story about the twins in a womb named Ego and Spirit.

To Be Continued Next Saturday

Wayne Dyer 
How to Have Conscious Contact with God

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Huggybear said…

"Intelligence flows through everything in the universe, and has had many names. It causes the planets to orbit, the galaxies to stay in place, the seedlings to sprout, the flowers to open and you, yes you, to breathe and walk and think..." ~ Wayne Dyer, Your Sacred Self