The Quest For Peace

Saturday Stories
May 21, 2016 Edition
My mind works differently from that of others. I know I live in a culture with a chronic fear of silence, where people play at full volume the same songs over and over again so they don't get bored.

                There are people with no inner resources so they bombard themselves by outiside stimuli all the time. There are also some people, like me and Zen monks and Shinto priests, who need moments of peace and quiet. My time for myself is the source of my inner balance.

~ Huggybear Diaries, November 6, 2015, Friday

ビギンジャパノロジー 神社
Begin Japanology Shinto Shrine

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Huggybear said…

"Shintoism Wisdom:

Respect your ancestors.

Do not forget the profound goodness of the kami, through which calamity and misfortunes are averted and sickness is healed.

Do not be sluggish in your work.

Even the wishes of an ant reach to heaven.

Leave the things of this world, and come to me daily with pure bodies and pure hearts.

Sincerity is a witness to truth.

Sincerity is the single virtue that binds the divine and man in one. (Jingishoju)

To do good is to be pure. To commit evil is to be impure.

If you pray to a deity with sincerity, you will surely feel the divine presence.

A single sincere prayer moves Heaven. You will surely realize the divine presenc through sincere prayer.

The best and surest way to be one with the divine is sincerity.

The first and surest means to enter into communion with the Divine is sincerity.

With sincerity, there is virtue.

Sincerity is the mother of knowledge.

In governing, let us govern with true sincerity.

Even in one single leaf on a tree, or in one blade of grass, the awesome Deity presents itself.

Our eyes might see un-cleanliness, but let not our minds see un-cleanliness. Our ears might hear un-cleanliness, but let not our minds hear un-cleanliness..."