A Thing of Beauty

Saturday Stories
June 11, 2016 Edition
The Italians speak with their hands in the same way I read with a marker. I highlight passages that gives me new perspectives, or where I learn something, or if I really like the way an idea or a character's dialogue was written.

I am learning a lot from the three books I'm reading at the same time.

I see the glory of true leadership in Franklin Roosevelt's uncanny charisma and dynamic presidency from FDR: The First Hundred Days by historian Anthony J. Badger.

I feel drawn to the minimalist style by Pulitzer Prizewinner David Mamet in his acclaimed plays and screenplays as Ira Nadel reveals in David Mamet: A Life In The Theater.

I'm writing another novel now, and the elegant and nuanced prose of Bernard Malamud, also a winner of the Pulitzer, in his classic novel The Natural, inspires me to create a thing of beauty and a timeless work of art.

~ Huggybear Diaries, Saturday November 28, 2015

The Natural

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Huggybear said…

"Wonderboy flashed in the sun. It caught the sphere it was biggest. A noise like a twenty-one gun salute cracked the sky. There was a straining, ripping sound and a few drops of rain spattered to the ground somebody then shouted it was raining cats and dogs. By the time of Roy got in from second he was wading in water ankle deep." ~ Bernard Malamud, The Natural