Everything Is Connected (2)

Saturday Stories
June 4, 2016 Edition

Everything Is Connected (2)

Ego thinks Spirit is insane for believing that the movements and sense of contractions are a prelude to a new existence beyond their wildest conceptions, pardon the pun. There is no such thing as a Mother, says Ego, and most certainly there is no life after birth.

Wayne talks about a moment of serendipity when a close friend gave him a copy of Being-In-Dreaming by the shaman Florinda Donner which I saw it on Amazon today. I found myself back in the world of the Yacqui sorcerer Don Juan Matus.

It was even Carlos Castaneda himself who wrote the foreword to Florinda's story of her initiation into the world of the nagual. Carlos Castaneda had changed my life through his classic books about sorcery.

~ Huggybear Diaries, January 31, 2016, Sunday

Wayne Dyer
Last Speech Before Death

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Huggybear said…

"The sorcerers, on the contrary, understand freedom as the capacity to do the impossible, the unexpected - to dream a dream that has no basis, no reality in everyday life..." ~ Florinda Donner, Being-In-Dreaming