How One Life Touches The Other

Saturday Stories
July 23, 2016 Edition
A friend and I went to the grocery to look for stuff for the upcoming traditional Christmas exchange gifts. We talked for over an hour at the food court. We are both "old-school" when it comes to relationships.

I finally found a woman who believes in forever. I got to know her entire life, with orange juice for her and a can of rootbeer for me, and a large bag of chips between us.

I have always felt it is an honor when people share their lives. But when it comes to my ability to steer the conversation away from me, I think of it as a gift.

~ Huggybear Diaries, December 4, 2015, Friday

Ever Since the World Began

"How one life touches the other is so hard to understand;
still we walk this road together, we travel through as far as we can,
and we have waited for this moment in time ever since the world began..."

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