Some Kind of Magic

Saturday Stories
April 29, 2017

If I list the things that bring me joy everyday, and I mean each and every single day, I won't be able to finish until October.

I have, of late, felt the full flowering of my creative and intellectual gifts. At work, it seems that people are beginning to rely more from me, not only for answers and assistance, but also that I could handle things more masterfully.

I feel that everybody, both my colleagues here and in the United States, are beginning to hold me on an increasingly higher standard. Looking back, it seems that those who get to know me would invariably have great expectations of me.

When I first got promoted, I held it not only as a stronger motivation to achieve excellence and be a role model for the people I lead, but also a priceless opportunity to prove to myself that I can hold power and never be corrupted by it.

And power never even affected me, to which I feel gratitude and a sense of vindication that words alone cannot possibly express.

If these things have happened a few years earlier, I might have been overwhelmed. I cannot pinpoint the paradigm shift, but I know there must be some kind of magic along the way, and that is enough for me as I continue my journey.

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