I'm Glad They Came Along

Saturday Stories
May 27, 2017

Ninety-nine percent of all the lovers and one-night stands with strangers that I've had were with people a lot older. This so-called "May-December affair" is nothing new to me. The truth is, I like it that way.

I've seen Celso Ad Castillo's Tag-Araw, Tag-Ulan when I was a teenager, same age as the boy in the story. I watched it again the other day, in another time and place, in another unforgettable summer.

Roy (Gary Estrada) and his friends come to the beach resort where his girlfriend Malou (Jenny Roa) is spending the summer vacation. There he meets Jessie (Dina Bonnevie) who is a close friend of Teresa (Suzanne Gonzales), the resort owner and Malou's aunt. Jessie had just broken up with her boyfriend Richie (Mark Gil) and has come here to find solitude.

On her last day, Jessie stands at the shore, gazing out into the sea. Then she sees Roy coming back.

"Why do we look for a next chapter in everything?" she says later. "Like what happened last night. It was just one beautiful moment that's over, that will never change. There's nothing after that. Let's not ruin it. It's much better this way, don't you think? There will come a time when we will both remember that, once in our lives, we had one beautiful summer worth remembering. One beautiful summer to remember...forever..."

Photo courtesy of  PEP.ph