Into The World Of The Mystical

Saturday Stories
June 17, 2017

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One of the first books that I've read over and over when I was a child is Reader's Digest: Into The Unknown, the now-classic one-volume encyclopedia on supernatural phenomena. As I grew up, I began to get more deeply involved into the world of the so-called occult.

Yet though I have no hang-ups about such things, I avoid discussing it with those who relentlessly inflict their moral judgments instead of actually listening, smugly convinced that they already know everything.

I'm familiar and comfortable with the ideas of spirits and mystical healing, of reading minds and channeling of nonphysical entities.

Then I saw all of those elements come together when I saw Seklusyon, the story of young men going into seclusion before becoming full-pledged priests.

But I also realized how much my worldview has changed about the nature of what people call the "battle of good versus evil."

Eric Matti is one of my favorite movie directors. As someone who appreciates the process of actually creating a film, I admire the way he tells a story by making me feel like I'm in the actual scene.

Yet I have to say that my idea of fun is not being locked up in a monastery where religious statues come to life, and where dead people would crawl out from under the bed.

I'm not even at ease sitting across a little girl who is the incarnation of God Almighty Himself.

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