The Best of Freddie Aguilar

The Wednesday Songs
June 28, 2017


Bulag, Pipi At Bingi


Bayan Ko

Ipaglalaban Ko

Kumusta Ka, Aking Mahal

Ang Umaayaw Ay 'Di Nagwawagi


Sa Kuko Ng Agila


Magbago Ka 

Estudyante Blues 

Minamahal Kita



Habang May Buhay


Buhay Nga Naman ng Tao


Mga Bata Sa Negros


Tuloy Ang Laban


Mahal Na Mahal Na Mahal Kita 


The Greatest Hits

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Huggybear said…
I shared this page on my Facebook account Jonathan Huggybear on June 28, 2017 with this story:

I have great respect for singers who write their own songs and create their own original and distinctive style. I love those who are authentic. I admire Freddie Aguilar for all of these and more. He gave more depth and social relevance to Philippine music.

This man is a legend. His composition, "Anak," is a musical phenomenon, with hundreds of versions in over 23 languages around the world. Billboard offically declared his masterpiece as the second most successful single in the 1980s.

He is one of those rare artists whose every song are now considered classics, like the unforgettable "Magdalena" and the beautifully poignant "Bulag, Pipi at Bingi."

Freddie Aguilar is one of the most revered and influential figures in our history. He has become the voice of freedom as his "Bayan Ko" galvanized and united the entire country in the struggle for democracy and human rights during the tumultuous seventies and eighties.

Yet "Ka" Freddie, as he is known by every Filipino, also gave us love songs, such as "Ipaglalaban Ko" and "Kumusta Ka Aking Mahal" which are now perennial radio and videoke favorites. I think it is because he, like all true artists, is a romantic at heart, and that is why Freddie Aguilar has touched the lives of generations.

He is an icon both as a musical artist and a leader against social injustice. His songs express the deepest sentiments of our collective consciousness as a people, like foreign colonialism ("Sa Kuko Ng Agila"), the never-ending armed conflicts in the war-ravaged south ("Mindanao") and of innocent people rotting in prison because they have no money ("Katarungan") – and that is the most heartbreaking tragedy of all.

This is just a simple tribute to a great artist because his achievements speak for themselves. Freddie Aguilar is worthy of the highest honor of the nation.