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June 3, 2017


"Once in a while, a movie comes along that is so touching, so moving, that it becomes part of you for a long, long time..." goes the trailer of the 1983 classic Saan Darating Ang Umaga (Where Will The Morning Come), written by Fanny Garcia and directed by Maryo J. De Los Reyes.

I love the movie. I love the theme song, composed by George Canseco and performed by Raymond Lauchengco.
In this unforgettable cinematic experience, Ruben (Nestor De Villa) at Lorrie (Nida Blanca) were so happy when they adopted Joel (Jaypee De Guzman).

What they did not know is that their daughter Shayne (Maricel Soriano) is jealous of the boy and has become cruel to him.

Then everything changed when Ruben died.

Lorrie is blaming Joel and wants to put him back into the orphanage.

But Shayne has realized that she already loves the boy. She asks her mother to not return him to the orphanage.

"I already love Joel," she pleaded. "I don't want him to go."

But Lorrie was adamant. 

"Mommy, you're selfish!" said Shayne. "You're only thinking of yourself!"

"What about you?" Lorrie spat back. "You have never been selfish? You have never thought about yourself?"

"But Mommy, between us, you're the one who has to be responsible!" argued Shayne, beginning to cry. "You have to be strong. Help me, Mommy. I cannot do it alone..."

"How can help you when I can't even help myself?" said Lorrie, nearly collapsing with unbearable despair. "Did you know, when Ruben died, I felt like paralyzed, I felt so helpless..."

"But Mommy, I'm here," Shayne tried to c omfort her. "Joel is here. We will help each other. Together, we can be strong..."

Saan Darating Ang Umaga

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