We Are Spiritual Beings

Saturday Stories
August 5, 2017

Just when I thought that things just couldn't possibly be better because of the incredible events of the past few months, I got blown away from the avalanche of wonderful new things during the past week alone.

I actually forgot all about Facebook.

Wednesday was a touchstone in my professional career and my love life (which I never share with the public), and then culminating in a poignant yet happy dream about someone who was close to me who had died that same night.

Then came Thursday and Friday when I'm completely offline and out of the loop. In other words, those are the days where I cease to exist.

I came back online earlier after a week. There was some news that seems to represent the full spectrum of human emotions.

One is a distinction. One is about a promise to keep. And one is the news about the death of an aunt who has been a like a mother to me.

It was a reminder of how beautiful life is precisely because of its fragility, and it's been there all this time even I hadn't known about it until now.

I dreamed of her last Wednesday night, which was apparently when she passed away.

It was a lucid memory of the time we went to town to get my first eyeglasses. I was almost thirteen. The optometrist said I was 275 on both eyes.

Then she bought me halo-halo and palabok noodles, and then we went to the market. It was the only time she and I were together, just the two of us.

I still remember her favorite song, "Somewhere Out There" by James Ingram and Linda Ronstadt.

She cooked the best macaroni salad in the world. I came to live with them after graduating from grade school, and I remember my first birthday there when she cooked a whole chicken on a Turbo Broiler. I still recall being touched by that gesture.

Perhaps the timing of the dream was just a coincidence. That evening, I went home and just collapsed on the bed after being awake for more than 24 hours.

Perhaps it is also coincidence that, despite my physical exhaustion, I was awakened by a bright light. I just groggily grabbed a shirt and blindfolded myself before shutting down again.

This much I know: the dream was a dream – but the light was not. 

I have another aunt who has also passed away earlier this year. I've also been dreaming of her, as I wrote to a cousin, "but they are happy dreams."

"Only her physical body is gone," I continued. "On many occasions in my dream state I've even talked to Mama [our grandmother], Mama Bai [another aunt] and two of my most loyal friends who have both re-emerged into the nonphysical."

"In a higher sense, what we call death is just a transition into a more expanded awareness."

"Those who have crossed over are still here but on a different frequency. They have lost their human foibles and emotional baggage. There is absolutely nothing on the Other Side except pure unconditional love and bliss beyond our finite minds."

"Those who faced near-death experiences know this personally, and they are all reluctant to return here because it is so beautiful there, but they cannot find the words to describe it. But most important, they are not afraid of death anymore because they now know there is nothing to fear."

"I know exactly how it feels to lose someone who mean the world to me. But I have come to realize that our true nature is immortal."

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience,” as my late mentor Wayne Dyer always said. '"We are spiritual beings having a human experience."

Photo courtesy of TheSearchForLifeAfterDeath.com