Once In A Super Blue Blood Moon

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February 3, 2018

Blue Moon is when two full moons appear in a month. A Blood Moon is a lunar eclipse where the earth passes between sun and moon. A Supermoon is when the moon comes to its closest orbit. 

The Super Blue Blood Moon of January 31, 2018 is when all of them happened at the same time, the first since March 31, 1866, with the next coming soon on January 31, 2037.

My fellow author Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo and I were chatting on Facebook last week and the topic came up, and we created a poem in real time which she titled "Ode To The Moon."

It got published in perfect timing on January 31, 2018 at AtunisPoetry.com, a literary site and magazine publisher based in Albania. We want to thank Agron Shele, the publisher; and Kapardeli Eftichia, who graciously took the time to translate our poem into Greek.

Ode to the Moon
By Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo and Jonathan Aquino


Goddess of Light from above,
How you captivate me even from afar
Just a mere glimpse of your luminosity,
Sets my spirit to the heavens.


I look at you, and I feel the mysteries,
hiding beneath your veil, yet all these
you have whispered to those who could hear:
those who chanted spells and hidden knowledge,
the mystics and wise men throughout the ages


Yes, I am somewhat under a magical encantation,
As your beaming rays shine on my soul
On this dark night, owls cooing,
And my only companion is my shadow.


My body is of earth and water, and yet,
you are in me, as the waves are in the sea,
poets and dreamers have looked up, and wept,
as you reign, like a god, when the sun had set.

No mere mortal can reach out and touch you,
as a lover holds his mate, with tender caress,
naked in your light, and tonight, as night birds flew,
with songs of joy and melancholy, I lay down to my rest


Lovers dance worshiping your immaculateness,
You leave a trail of enchanted hearts
Enamored by your majesty,
Hypnotized by this indescribable serenity.

Oh, moon how you captivate the lonely,
And shine your light of love
To heal the brokenhearted,
Let your endless illumination of miracles surround me.

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