Pure Heart: The True Signs Of Inner Beauty

A man’s worth is within. Physical beauty is seen by the eyes, but inner beauty is felt by the soul. As taught in Raja Yoga, inner beauty is the form and color of the personality – the way he speaks, moves and dress. And the true measure of a soul is virtue. “Virtue is the beauty of the person,” according to the teachings of Brahma Kumaris. The light of virtue shines “into the body, into the environment, and ultimately, into the fiber of the planer itself.”


Imagine a clean, simple, sunlit room. There is silence. Then somebody walks in, then another, then a third – and peace has been shattered. There is a space inside of us where outsiders are forbidden. We create our own miseries when we let other people violate that inner sanctum. “Meet a truly pure soul and he can walk right through you leaving no mark at all, only a sense of light and optimism,” wrote Ophellia San Juan in her Philippine Graphic column “Alternate Realities.”


Lightness comes upon touching the essence of your being that has remained unchanged throughout you spiritual pilgrimage. And with it comes laughter – touching everyone yet remaining free. Thus, a private discovery becomes a way of life. Like a spring, it grows into a river, and flows into the lives of others.


Gentleness is the serenity that comes from inner strength – the knowledge of who you are and what you are capable of. And with this come awareness, tolerance and understanding. The perfect symbol is a tree – giving shelter without being dominant, nurturing without interfering. And like its swaying branches, it softly brushes the earth without taking root.


Sweetness is innocence borne of wisdom. This comes only by journeying inward – and uncovering the meaning of life beneath the shams and delusions of the world. Contemplating death means living life to the fullest. “For before dying, it is only that line you see, not the life, and suddenly you understand the whys and the whats, and afterwards, you move on,” wrote San Juan. “What is really sweet can never be time’s victim, for sweetness is the quality of a person whose life has touched eternity.”

ADAPTED FROM AN ARTICLE BY OPHELLIA SAN JUAN Photo courtesy of LangStore. This story originally appeared in Philippine Panorama, April 15, 2006 Your comments and links are welcome


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