The Top 10 Signs of Leadership

Raymundo Punongbayan was the portrait of a true leader. The legendary director of the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology has mapped the country’s geo hazard zones, brought geology into public policy, formed the Quick Response Team – and saved thousands of lives from the eruptions of Pinatubo and Mayon Volcanoes through his uncanny prescience and unparrelled expertise.

What the world needs now is moral leadership. Being in power doesn’t make one a leader, and those most fit to govern are not always in politics. Here are the ten signs of leadership as shared by bestselling author and motivational guru John C. Maxwell.


The first sign of leadership is strength of character. A leader has integrity and moral convictions. He inspires trust because of his word-of-honor and grace under pressure.

Jovito Salonga has become the embodiment of the ideal statesman. The Kilosbayan President and retired Senate President has been forged in the crucible of tyranny – and it found him standing majestically tall in the name of freedom and justice.


The second sign of leadership is positive influence on others. A leader can make things happen. He is a moral force for good.

Eddie Garcia’s versatility, devotion to craft, humility, clean living and longevity have inspired generations of moviegoers, and he has given more to society than what most people even think about giving – aside from being the most transcendent actor in Philippine cinema.


The third sign of leadership is a positive attitude. A leader knows he will triumph in the end no matter what happens because what he is doing is right. He always knows what is right and what is wrong – and he will never violate his conscience just for expediency.

Angelito Nayan was the United Nations volunteer who galvanized the world with the strength, faith and courage he has shown during his hostage ordeal in Afghanistan – and taught us that an untroubled heart only comes from the Highest Power.

People skills

The fourth sign of leadership is excellent people skills. A leader understands what he other person is feeling. He has genuine concern for the welfare of others.

Jim Paredes, Danny Javier and Buboy Garovillo have redefined original Filipino music with their songs that everyone in every generation can identify with – and the Apo Hiking Society has come to symbolize true friendship, solidarity and brotherhood.

Right now, my favorite Apo song is Mahirap Magmahal Ng Syota Ng Iba.


The fifth sign of leadership is the possession of evident talents. A leader has something to offer. He can contribute significantly to enhance the world.

Ryan Cayabyab has given us some of the immortal classics that have enriched our musical heritage. The Maestro taught us that quality – not novelty – is what makes a song beautiful, unforgettable and timeless.

Track record

The sixth sign of leadership is the possession of a good track record. A leader leaves a mark in the world. His achievements, however small, reflect those ideals to which all decent men aspire.

Isko Moreno’s rag-to-riches story is a bright ray of hope t o millions of poor kids dreaming of a better life, From being a scavenger, he rose to become a matinee idol, then a consistently outstanding City Councilor, and now he’s the highly respected Vice Mayor of Manila. Above all, he has remained clean, modest, conscientious and grateful to those who lent a helping hand – and these admirable qualities will serve him in good stead all the way to MalacaƱang.


The seventh sign of leadership is the ability to instill confidence in others. A leader brings out the best in people. He inspires others to achieve their dreams.

The Mt Everest Conquerors are shining exemplars: One small step for Leo Oracion, one giant leap for the Filipino nation! Equal honors belong to the entire team, expedition leader Art Valdez, internationally-awarded broadcast journalist Abner Mercado – and to all the men and women who made the historic journey a triumphant success.


The eight sign of leadership is self-discipline. A leader is in full control of his senses. His actions are consistent with his goals.

Paeng Nepomuceno won the World Cup Bowling Championship for an unprecedented and unequaled six times and was the first Filipino to receive both the Legion of Honor and the Presidential Medal of Merit. The World FIQ – and the Guinness Book of Records – hailed him as the official, all-time, absolute best-ever player in the history of bowling.


The ninth sign of leadership is the possession of effective communication skills. A leader can connect directly to people in the gut level. His stand on issues is clear and categorical.

Mr. Pure Energy Gary Valenciano made a major impact on pop culture, but it is Gary V. the man of faith who continues tirelessly to spread the message of hope, encouragement and spiritual upliftment through his music, teaching us that only by letting go can the Lord take us out of the dark – and that God never sleeps.


The tenth sign of leadership is discontent with the status quo. A leader is a visionary. He lives for a higher purpose and wants others to discover that freedom.

Tony Meloto inspired thousands of families to take charge of their lives and build their own homes – and a brighter future for their children and children’s children. The Magsaysay Award-winning founder of the globally acclaimed Gawad Kalinga taught us that even a single individual can change the world – one selfless act at a time.


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