How Would You Answer These Questions?

1) If you were to travel back in time for an hour-long discussion with a European philosopher or economist, who would it be, and why? 2) A close friend will probably need a kidney transplant, of which you are a perfect match. Then you saw a news report about an indigent child who needs a transplant or else he will die. What would you do? 3) You need money to help pay your nephew’s tuition. You got an offer to campaign for a political candidate whom you know is corrupt and unworthy. Will you accept the offer? 4) You have a niece who’s taking up Nursing because there’s already a job waiting for her in an Australian hospital. You have doubts she’ll pass the NCLEX, then she said someone from the reviewing center is asking PhP 50,000 ($1,000+) for her to pass. Would you give her the money?