Lozada Thrown Among Criminals As His Health Deteriorates

Manila – Rodolfo “Jun” Lozada, hailed nationally as a hero for his revelations about the NBN-ZTE multi-million dollar bribery scandal and jailed for perjury charges filed by former presidential chief of staff Mike Defensor, has been transferred to a congested cell alongside criminals. He is now detained – together with suspected murderers and drug addicts – at the Detective Jail Management Section of the Manila Police District Headquarters. Suffering from anemia and asthma, Lozada was stricken with nausea, with his blood pressure registering at 100/60 when examined by Dr. Hildegarde Yasay-Vistal of the Medical Center Manila at 7:45 pm, May 4. Judge Jorge Emmanuel Loredo of MTC Branch 26 told Defensor “To make peace” with Lozada or face “Divine wrath.”
(Source: Philippine Daily Inquirer)