What Is It About The Presidency?

Today the ruling parties Lakas-CMD and Kampi (Kabalikat ng Malayang Pilipino) will officially merge in preparation for the 2010 elections, at the Manila Hotel. The move is obviously is in the pursuit of greater power, nothing less and with no limits.
Which is not to say that political ambition is bad per se -- public office is a noble profession per se -- but how come people don't trust politicians anymore?
Rober Langdon will enjoy today's issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer. The headline story says that one Lakas member, Defense Secretary Gilbert Teodoro, will bolt the party if he doesn't become the standard-bearer. He also said he is not forcing President Gloria Arroyo to anoint him.
The main purpose of the coalition is to select the candidates for the administration's slate. Among their ranks, the leading contender for the presidency is Vice President Noli De Castro. One of those eyeing the vice-presidency slot is Interior Secretary Ronaldo Puno, as in a DeCastro-Puno ticket.
Meanwhile, the Inquirer report says "that Lakas-Kampi was only considering a DeCastro-Teodoro tandem." Confusing, isn't it?
Pangasinan Representative Jose De Venecia resigned as Lakas president emeritus, and warned DeCastro about being chosen. Arroyo, he said would only anoint someone with the condition of her immunity from several graft cases when she leaves office. That is assuming that she does step down, or, as is heard on the grapevine right now, an orchestrated "failure of election" can legally enable her to stay beyond her term. Senator Mig Zubiro has also resigned from CMD because, he said during his press conference, he "had no choice." this might have been intriguing but of course what could it be except power-play? He even used the term "jockeying," as in party insiders and jockeying for positions in the new merger.
Executive Secretary Eduarto Ermita said the number one criteria for the standard-bearer is the ability to win. "Logistics definitely has something to do with the support of the ruling," he told media. Nothing was mentioned about the candidate's independent-mindedness.
Manila Hotel photo courtesy of MetroManilaHotels.net


tor said…
Kailan man wag tayong bumoto ng kandidato na galingsa partidong Lakas Kampi Cmd dahil ito ang partido ng maga nakakasukang nilalang ang mga myembro ng partidong ito ay kailan man di matatawag na mga Pilipino dahil ang mga myembro nito ang sumisira sa Bansang Pilipinas.Partido ito ng mga Bampira at mga Aswang kinakain ang Buhay at kaluluwa ng ating mahal na Bansa at dapat sa mga myembro nito ay pinapalayas sa Pilipinas, dahil mawawalan tayo ng pagasa at kinabukasan kung ito ang mamumuno sa ating Bansa dahil Cooperatiba itong mga Kurakot at mga Trapo
walang Ideolohiya ang partidong ito kundi ang patayin ang mga tunay na Pilipino.Mabuhay ang Pilipinas
JonathanAquino said…
Thank for your comments, Tor. I certainly won't vote for the Aswang Party.