Why Does The Arroyo Administration Value Money Over The Rule Of Law?

The Department of Finance's Order 17-09 is schemingly logical -- the government needs to raise funds for whatever they're planning for the 2010 elections -- but it's a perverted directive to the highest order.
Order 17-090 imposes duty on impoted books. The Arroyo administration, with it's long history of insulting the intelligence of the people, now want even more money -- in violation of no less than an international treaty and local laws.
No new titles has appeared lately in Philippine bookstores. There is still a significant number of Filipinos who love books, but they are thwarted by an even greater number of people who love money, and who customize the laws to gain even more.
Since 1952, the Philippines has been a signatory to the Unesco Florence Agreement -- "Books, newspapers, periodicals, and many other categories of printed matter are granted duty-free entry."
Order 17-09 also violates Republic Act 8047 -- The Book Publishing Industry Development Act -- specifically Section 12 which clearly states that books and raw marterials for books are exempt grom duties.
The Arroyo administration has done it again -- imposed another illegal order. But then again, she will never be impeached. How can she be if Congress is on her payroll?
Image courtesy of ArtsJournal.com