Is Moammar Ghadafi -- The "King of Kings" -- Insane?

United Nations – This is a tale of two maiden speeches at the General Assembly. If the leader of the United States “re-engaged the United Nations,” then the leader of Libya disengaged from reality. Moammar Ghadafi, with a mind-bending intro as the “Leader of the Revolution, the President of the African Union, the King of Kings in Africa,” took the podium and made even Ahmadinejad sound normal.

The Great Ghadafi Extravaganza ran for 90 minutes, just a wee past his allotted 15, and “took about 17 minutes to get to the main point of his speech, which was a demand for an African seat on the Security Council,” says the New York Times.

But that’s pedestrian. His other ideas are a lot more colorful:

  • Move the U.N. headquarters to Libya
  • Establish an autonomous emirate for the Taliban
  • Swine flue is a lab-cooked WMD
  • Re-open the assassination cases of JFK and Martin Luther King
  • Israel and the Palestinian territories should merge as a single state – “Isratine”

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