My Favorite Patrick Swayze Movie

I think I saw an old movie where a young Patrick Swayze was shaving Rob Lowe’s pubic hair, but the first Swayze film I really really liked was Road House, where he plays a beer joint bouncer highly trained in the mystic martial arts of the Orient. I love Ghost – who can forget the death-defying love story of Sam and Molly – and I would always associate Unchained Melody with She’s Like The Wind. My favorite Swayze film, to get to the point, is Point Break, where his Zen surfer and thrill-seeking extreme gamer and bank robber is a superb foil to Keannu Reeve’s undercover FBI agent. I am confident this film will be re-discovered as an overlooked cinematic gem: an original, pulse-pounding edge-of-your-seat action movie – the perfect popcorn fare for thinking audiences. Trailer. Photo