Bayani's Mea Culpa -- Cheap Tasteless Political Gimmick

It was his fault -- but he won't resign.

Bayani Fernando, chairman of the Metro Manila Development Authority, claimed the blame for tropical storm Ondoy and its subsequent metro-wide flashfloods. His agency is in charge of, among others, flood control. It was his fault, he says. "Blame me," he says. "Don't blame God." That's reasonable enough. What doesn't make any sense, if you're assuming that he has integrity as a public official, is that he's not resigning. Aside from hanging on to the post that he had disgraced, he's also running for President -- now you have an idea of what the burning-tire-smelly kind of government we have here. He's also, Heaven help us, pursuing his singing career.

In a couple of months, it'll be Christmas. The MMDA is in charge of traffic. It will be peak season. Somebody has to be in charge for the holiday rush. It's not him, it's never him. Every December, you see, Bayani becomes the chairman of the Metro Manila Film Festival, now infamous and nearly discredited as an award-giving body for its history of controversial turnouts, which actually started when they put the politicians in there.

Muntinlupa Rep.Ruffy Biazon told The Daily Tribune yesterday:

“The calamity of Ondoy is much bigger then him and he does not enjoy singular responsibility for any failure by the government, although his many years at MMDA was a failure in addressing the perennial flooding in Metro Manila.”

“But it is more ridiculous for him to make a pitch for his presidential campaign by saying political will stop a repeat of the flooding. It is ridiculous because he already had his chance to use his political will at MMDA and he still failed to solve the problem. In fact, he now says he’s to blame.”

“But more than just ridiculous but already insulting is his refusal to resign in spite of claiming the blame for the tragedy.”

Video. Photo of Bayani Fernando