Do You Have Clout In The Office?

Clout is best understood in the immortal dictum of Teddy Roosevelt – the visionary action-man US President who almost single-handedly transformed America into a world superpower – “Speak softly but carry a big stick.”

Here are some ways to gain clout, from career (and relationships) counselor Joyce Brothers.

1) Act “As If.” William James’ “As if” principle means that if you feel nervous, you act as if you’re not. Rick Price sings in Heaven Knows: “And all the time I act so brave I’m shaking inside…”

2) Have Ace On Your Sleeve. Alfred Hitchcock was being defied by Ingrid Bergman for a scene, and the cinematic genius blandly drawled, “Do whatever you want because, you see, there’s always the cutting-room floor.”

3) Control Your Emotions. Lorna Tolentino adamantly refuses to share her boyfriend with her sister in Nagbabagang Luha. “I’ll die if he leaves me!” cries Alice Dixson, and she replies coolly, “I’ll bury you.”

4) Do The Unexpected. Ronald Reagan broke tradition by giving Congress simple proposals in his first 100 days in office, mainly on tax cuts, tax breaks and bureaucratic streamlining, but they were all passed – and he got everything he wanted.

Listen to an original recording of one of Teddy Roosevelt’s speeches. Photo of Teddy courtesy of

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