Will Your Heart Go On?

Was there a time you felt so alone – with no one to hear you cry – that you seriously contemplated suicide? When, during unexpected moments, you remember the most painful experience in your life, do you still want to run away? The heart is not a heavy-duty shock absorber, but sometimes I wish it is. Having weathered Tropical Storm Ondoy and the most devastating flood that overwhelmed Metro Manila for nearly half a century, I now share a greater empathy – but still would never understand the full measure of emotional trauma – with the survivors of the S.S. Titanic.

By chance, the Oscar-winning epic film with Leo and Kate is showing now on StarMovies in the Philippines, and perchance, in Taiwan. If I was there on that fateful maiden voyage, knowing me, I’d probably stayed in the ship until the last moment – rather than clawing my way to the lifeboats – then I would have died in the freezing waters of the Atlantic.

But if I survived – more to the point, if I were Rose(!), will I be able to keep my promise to Jack? Will my heart go on? If I made a vow to the one I love most in the world, I most certainly would try to keep it, but how can I stop the pain from coming back?

“Love can touch us one time, and last for a lifetime…”

Watch official video of Titanic. Video courtesy of D’PunknNerd Channel. Photo of a scene from Titanic courtesy of JunPierre.net

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