The Theatrical Hetero Peek-A-Boo That Blew Into A Holy Cow Homo Hullabaloo

It’s a good thing they removed the video. Oh, by the way, what is it about genitals, anyhow? I mean, they come in all sizes, right? You’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all, for crying out sakes! Of course it’s mighty different if who you saw in flagrante delicto is your crush (or, in the case of chronic masturbators, their obsession). There was a scene from internationally-acclaimed director Brilliante Mendoza’s controversial Canne film Serbis, where Best Actor-awardee Coco Martin is having sex (he does that in every film and is the poster boy for gay fantasy). Here’s the catch: it’s with a girl. Here’s the clincher: his you know what is well, you know what! What?! Yeyz!

That’s why I waited this long to write about it – I was actually waiting for the video to be deleted from cyberspace. Coco deserves a measure of privacy: to whom he shows his private parts is his decision alone.

So what are we gonna watch instead? Here’s the trailer of Dose, in the words of video uploader SineQuest12: “A curious boy. A lonely gardener. A love that knows no age or gender. Trailer rated X by the Philippine movie censors! :-) Starring 3-time Brussels International Film Festival Best Actor Yul Servo, and 2008 Thessaloniki International Film Festival Best Actor Emilio Garcia. A story of unusual love, unstoppable lust, and loss of innocence.” This should be interesting…

Watch trailer of Dose. Video courtesy of SineQuest12. Photo of Coco Martin and Mercedes Cabral in Serbis courtesy of LilokPelikula.

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