Why Loren Legarda Agreed To Be Manny Villar's Vice President

Political enemies want to turn this team-up into a scandalous liaison. Here’s why.

Slings and arrows from administration officials and political competitors fell like a Leonids meteor shower upon Senator Loren Legarda when she formally agreed to be the running-mate of Senator Manny Villar in the 2010 elections.

Cleared and Absolved

Villar came under siege because of the C-5 Road extension project issue from which he was later cleared and absolved of any shenanigans. (See “Why Manny Villar Was Vindicated In The C-5 Road Attack”)

Legarda was among those who called for an investigation when the issue first surfaced. But when the report came out and there were not even any hint of irregularity, she signed Senate Resolution 1472 with 11 other Senators clearing Villar.

In A Democracy

Legarda’s decision was an epiphany. “I woke up one day realizing that our platform and aspirations for this country, especially uplifting the poor’s lot in life, converged,” quotes the Philippine Daily Inquirer in today’s issue.

She was one of those who called for Villar’s resignation as Senate President exactly a year ago today, yet she has never attacked Villar personally, and now that his innocence has been established, has even built an alliance with him. “I don’t even call that criticism. In a democracy, you allow all views to come out so that we can listen to all views.”

Most Qualified

Of all candidates in the coming 2010 presidential derby, Legarda is the most qualified to be President, yet she’s running only for Vice President – and her critics call her “ambitious.”

Loren Legarda, the most formidable opposition VP candidate, joins forces with an opposition presidential candidate – yet her critics call her a “political butterfly.”

It shows the extent to which her political opponents would grab straws to attack her. It shows just how scared they are. In an honest election, they have every reason to be.

Watch Senator Loren Legarda on the 2009 ANC Leadership Forum with Ricky Carandang. Photo courtesy of Inquirer.net


gomiggy said…
Loren is just doing her duty as a Senator when C5 was raised and when it was proven that Senator Manny Villar is innocent, all goes well.

Marami din naging contribution si Loren Legarda and i think she doesn't deserve all the negative write up's as well as Senator Manny Villar. Marami lamg talagang naninira sa kanila and who know'one of negative writers here sa net is being paid by the webteam of other candidates who wants to take Villar-Loren tandem down...
ariel said…
tama. we can't judge her as butterfly just because she did what she has to do with regards to the c-5 thing.

all in all. Loren will and should still be the VP of Philippines.
francis2009 said…
Loren Legarda is a great leader, and she will continue to serve our country especially when she become the Vice-President,her party list supported her it only proves that they trusted Loren's capability..

NPC backs Loren’s VP bid

A RANKING official of the Nationalist People’s Coalition yesterday formally endorsed Sen. Loren Legarda as the party’s official vice presidential candidate in the May 2010 elections.
In a press statement, NPC spokesman and Rep. Rex Gatchalian of Valenzuela City urged party mates and voters to rally behind Loren, citing her pro-poor and pro-environment platform.
“Senator Legarda has been at the forefront in the fight against poverty,” Gatchalian said, citing particularly to alleviate the plight of Overseas Filipino workers.
“She is also behind Luntiang Pilipinas, a movement which she found to promote public awareness on what’s happening to our environment, how to protect and preserve it. For this, the United Nations has named Senator Legarda as environment champion.”
Gatchalian also noted that Loren is the principal author and sponsor of the Philippine’s Climate act of 2009, which seeks to install measures to cushion the ill-effects of climate change.
“We salute the senator,” he said.

Know more about Loren
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Michelle said…
C5 issue is just one side of the story, we people do not want to open our eyes in the other side..if only you will, you will see that she only stands for the country.
denis said…
Loren Legarda just done her part as a senator about the issue of c5 on villar..And villar is not proven guilty, so there's no reason why wont accept the proposal of Villar to run as Vice-president under the NP as long as Legarda still remains in her own partylist! Both of them have the same platform and advocacies in our country, so let us just support them!
kristina said…
Sana manalo sila Senator Villar at Senator Legarda,compare sa ibang kandidato, sila lamang ang meron mga plataporma sa ating bansa.Sa kabila ng naging issue sa kanila before tungko sa C5 issue, naging makatarungan lamang si Loren kaya siya nag imbestiga at trabaho ni Senator Loren an alamin ang totoo bilang isang senador , kaya naniniwala ako na naging patas lamang si Senator Loren! Huwag na natin bigyan ng msamang kahulugan ang kanilang pagsasama sa pagtakbo bilang President at Vice-President ng ating bansa!
kristina said…
let us visit the site of senator Loren legarda,for us to know the truth.. http://lorenlegarda.com.ph
Anonymous said…
Panahon na para sa pagbabago at pag-unlad ng ating bansa, kaya huwag na tayong paloloko sa mga paninira ng ibang tao, IBOTO NATIN ANG karapat dapat at si LOREN LEGARDA lamang ang bukod tanging nararapat na IHALAL... Isa sya na mahusay na lider ng ating bansa, mahusay na senador, may puso sa mahihirap.. Ginawa lang nya ang kanyang tungkulin sa imbestigasyon sa C-5 issue...
Anonymous said…
Ganito kababaw ang mga Pilipino, sympre grabe mamulitika mga kalaban ni Loren kaya pati ba naman maliliit na i issue sa kanya palalakihin. Kahit pwde namang ipaliwanag ang mga bagay bagay. Iboboto ko si Loren dahil sa plataporma niya na alam kong makakabuti para sa ating bansa. At mabuti xang lider, walang mawawala sa atin kung xa ang iluluklok naten sa puwesto
Wendell said…
Korek..npakababaw ng mga Pilipino para magpaniwala sa mga issue na alam naman natin na pamumulitika lang ang motibo. Dagdagan mo pa ng mga senador na nagppersonalan, imbes na gawin ang trabaho nila at magpasa ng mga makabuluhang batas, puro showbiz pa ang inaatupag. C'mon..kailangan na ng pagbabago ng ating bansa. At maguumpisa ito sa mga ihahalal natin na mga karapat dapat mamuno lamang. At kung sa accomplishments lamang ang batayan, si Sen. Legarda na ang pinakakwalipikado, hindi lang sa pagka-VP kung hindi sa pagkapangulo na rin.
Anonymous said…
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