My Favorite Jose Mari Chan Songs

Constant Change

Can't We Start Over Again 

A Love To Last A Lifetime

Thank You, Love

Perhaps Love 

Can We Just Stop And Talk A While

Tell Me Your Name 

Beautiful Girl

Afraid For Love To Fade

Please Be Careful With My Heart
with Regine Velasquez

My Girl, My Woman, My Friend 
with Janet Basco

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I’m collecting some songs from the 2Rivers files and bringing them over to the Music tab for user-friendlier access and a sign of pride for Philippine music!
"Many times, I wish you were here, through the velvet shadows of my dreams..." "Just tell me you love me, whisper words I so long to hear..." Whenever I'm blue, writing and music helps clear my mind. In this world of constant change, the soundtrack of my life is always there for me, like my beloved mush from England Dan & John Ford Coley
. "If you tell me you love me, it will lead a way to your heart, through the nearness of silence, you love me..."
"As for me, there's only one dream,
and that's to love you, my love,
with a love to last a lifetime..."
"The friends we know,
we meet along the way,
too soon the times we share form part of yesterday
'cause life's a constant change..."
"It's been a long long while,
I know I've caused you pain;
living without you it's not quite the same,
can we start over again..."
"...nothing stays the same..."