My Favorite Gino Padilla (English) Songs

Closer You and I 

Close Up "Closer You and I" 1986 Commercial

I Believe In You

Let The Love Begin
with Rocky

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"With a little smile, that special smile, twinkle in your eye in a little while..."

"Give it time, just a little more time, so we can get closer, you and I..." You know what I admire most in a girl? It's genuine self confidence. Insecure girls are bitchy. I stay away from them and go on my merry way, to the company of independent-minded ones, singing this Gino Padilla classic: "The closer I get to touching you..."
"Hey, there's a look in your eyes,
must be love at first sight..."
"But my love couldn't wait much longer,
just can't forget the picture of your smile..."
"...everytime I close my eyes..."