My Favorite Songs From Hajji Alejandro

Kayganda Ng Ating Musika

May Minamahal

Tag-Araw, Tag-Ulan


Ang Lahat Ng Ito'y Para Sa 'Yo


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"With a little smile, that special smile, twinkle in your eye in a little while..."

"Give it time, just a little more time, so we can get closer, you and I..." You know what I admire most in a girl? It's genuine self confidence. Insecure girls are bitchy. I stay away from them and go on my merry way, to the company of independent-minded ones, singing this Gino Padilla classic: "The closer I get to touching you..."

"Magmula nung akoy natutong umawit, naging makulay ang aking munting daigdig..." [FB Via SMART SMS Nov. 27, 2012]

"...bawat sandali aking pilit mabatid...!" Huggybear's blog 2Rivers is a celebration of Pinoy pop culture. This Ryan Cayabyab musical masterpiece, performed by Hajji Alejandro, is the winner of the first Metropop songwriting competition in 1974 and the anthem of original Filipino music. "Kay ganda ng ating musika, ito ay atin, sariling atin, at sa habambuhay awitin natin..."