Superstition: Revelations After All Saints' Day

It’s a tradition here in the Philippines to light candles on doorways during All Saints’ Day. This comes from the folk belief that the spirits of the dead will come out to visit their homes on that night, and the light from the candles serves as a beacon.

But the relatives will be visiting their graves so nobody’s home. So much for Filipino hospitality.

Near-Death Experiences

What happens when we die? The question has intrigued mankind for milennia. Is heaven a cloudy garden with gates made of pearl, and is hell a giant burning cave? Do demons have horns and angels have wings?

But what happens immediately after death? I’m sure you’ve heard of near-death experiences – vivid accounts of people who have died but were revived.

One of my most popular articles, What Happens At The Hour Of Our Death?, which first appeared in The Philippine Star, tries to fill in the gaps during those crucial moments.

Witchcraft Spells

I once asked Jaime Licauco if it’s true that you are invulnerable to witchcraft if you don’t believe in it. His answer was enlightening, as can be expected from the country’s pioneering and foremost parapsychologist.

He gives a chilling warning: you can scoff and can be unaffected if you dismiss it, but if you’re up against really powerful black magic, then you’ can die unless the spell is broken.

Licauco’s influence on my way of thinking and understanding the mysteries of the universe can be seen in Confessions From A Semi-Sort Of Warlock, one of my most intimate essays yet.

Those Who Passed Away

“Though I know I’ll never ever lose affection, for people and things, that went before, I know I’ll often stop and think about them, in my life … ”

As a literary memorial to all those who have died, I wrote In The Comfort Of Your Presence; this poem first appeared in The Philippine Graphic. I consider it an honor that the late Adrian Cristobal, one of the giants of Philippine literature who was then literary editor, has judged it worthy of publication.

About Ghosts

We don’t naything about ghosts. Maybe that’s why we’re afraid of them. Fear of the unknown – that makes sense. Or maybe our subconscious know something we don’t?

How else do you explain why people get afraid if they think they are being haunted by a loved one?

I have tales form the dark side for you – True Pinoy Ghost Stories. Three stories, all true, as told by Filipinos who actually encountered the inexplicable.

But before you click the link, may I suggest that you lock the door and turn all the lights?


Do you want to get really scared? I have something to show you. If you don’t have a weak heart, then I think it is safe for you to watch The Philippines’ Scariest Movies Of All Time.

But wait, there’s more! You can also watch, full and free, the 80s film Anak Ng Demonyo, starring Ian Veneracion.

Don't worry if you get nightmares. I did too.

I dreamt of … tuko lizards!


2Rivers shines the spotlight on the best of Filipino pop culture. My latest blog innovation, a medium term project, is creating the most comprehensive and user-friendly index of Pinoy indie films on the Web before Christmas.

Singers will continue to be added regularly. Some of the latest featured stars are MYMP, Wise Guys and Noel Cabangon.

But before all that, I have streamed Star Wars and Hollywood movies from YouTube, even the acclaimed musical Rent, which I really love; not to mention of course, international singers.

It was anything goes back then. Now there’s a focus, you can still watch Ghostbusters, full and free, and that’s a really corny way to segue.



“A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.”

~Elbert Hubbard