How The Philippines Became A Sanctuary For Terrorists

The Moro Islamic Liberation Front is a terrorist group. They ambush our soldiers. They murder innocent civilians in cold blood. They coddle other terrorists like the Abu Sayyaf and Jemaah Islamiyah. They claim vast areas in Mindanao.

They spit on our honor by pretending that their attacks are from “break-away factions.”

In return, they want absolute power with their own separate state.

The spectacular success of terrorism in the Philippines is due to the peace talks – now on it’s third decade of failure – which started under the aegis of the terrrorist Moammar Ghadafi (who recently died while on the run after being overthrown) in Tripoli in the 1970s.

This is the ultimate victory, as Sun Tzu says says in The Art of War, when they attack with impunity because the government cannot retaliate – being manipulated by the pointless peace negotiations and the public opinion of a chronically apathetic people.

The fearless hero, Ninoy Aquino, in his homecoming address – undelivered because of his assassination on that fateful August of 1983 – quotes Archilbald MacLeish, whose timeless wisdom is immortalized in the marble halls of Harvard: 

"How shall freedom be defended? By arms when it is attacked by arms; by truth when it is attacked by lies; by democratic faith when it is attacked by authoritarian dogma. Always and in the final act, by determination and faith."