March 24 - 30

Luis Gonzales
Jimmy Sieczka
Charice Pempengco
Juan Miguel Salvador
Cyndi Lauper

Remembering Luis Gonzales

When I was a young boy, my late grandmother, who was of Spanish descent, would order me to sleep after lunch. One of my earliest memories was sneaking to the living room downstairs during her siesta to watch TV, mostly vintage movies on channel 9. I remember Luis Gonzales dancing as the partner of the living legend Gloria Romero in the popular comedy musical Manang Biday. So I was sad when I heard last week that Luis Gonzales had died. He was a matinee idol and a leading man during the first Golden Age of Philippine Movies in the 50s, and he was also part of my happy childhood memories in the mid 80s

Why Kill The Messanger?

I saw Jimmy Sieczka’s 20 Things I Dislike About The Philippines before it was featured on TV Patrol and removed from YouTube. Yup, we Filipinos buy and unrefrigerated meat, and we don't have tissues in most public toilets - excuse me, "comfort rooms."

What I find most amusing was the knee-jerk, over-the-top self-righteous reactions of indignant, xenophobic pseudo-nationalists. I even heard "deport" and "lynch" and other crazy nonsense too. Some medieval cultures are said to kill the messenger when he brings bad news, as if that solves it. You'd think that 21st century Philippines would be different.

Let me tell you about us. We Filipinos are very insecure so we always get defensive and we take everything personally. We are obssessed with gossip and intrigues. But we want others to say only good things about us.

Since Sieczka is an American, it's more ego-shattering because we want to be white, we want to live in the US, and because a lot of what he said was true

20 Reasons I Dislike The Philippines

20 Reasons I Love The Philippines

Jimmy Sieczka's Official Response and Apology to the Video

Charice vs The Crab-Minded Mob

I salute people who achieve their dreams against all odds without hurting anyone. I like Charice Pempengco. I'm not exactly a fan but I admire her guts for expressing her individuality, when she went back to the Philippines recently. Some Filipinos ignore that her phenomenal voice catapulted her as an international star. Instead, they criticize her new hair-do and even gossip that she's a lesbian. If so, then so what? What could be more mentally primitive than that? The detractors of succesful people have a really big problem: combined envy and insecurity.

Featured Artists


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Our featured artists Juan Miguel Salvador and Cyndi Lauper will have concerts at the Music Museum and the Smart Araneta Coliseum on March 24 Saturday. The timeless music of the 80s is in a class of its own!
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Phillipinos are very nice people. I work in Dubai(UAE) where there are many phillipinos working. They are really honest and fun loving.
Yeah, I absolute agree, You know, we Filipinos pride ourselves with our sense of humor. Then a guy expressing his personal opinions incurred the ire of many. Hit a nerve, obviously.
Myth surrounds and binds us, like the Jedi’s source of power, The Force, in Star Wars, as George Lucas himself said was influenced by myths.

Huggybear’s story, Myth Universe, is crafted with ultimate aim of all excellent writers – timelessness

Myth Universe, as you will see, is one of the most enjoyable and fun-filled modern-day literary cult classics to come from the cradle of world-class Filipino talents.

It is with supreme happiness just writing this, and it is my hope millions of people in and out of the country, now and in the future, will have as much fun reading as I did writing Myth Universe.

I wrote this story last year, and today March 27 I added the featured artists for that week: Roel Cortez and Irene Cara. There was no time the last time, and better late then never and never say never again, James Bond!
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