May 5-11

As a writer, I appreciate brevity. Yes. So did the Athenians of Ancient Greece. Philip of Macedonia, father of Alexander The Great, told them: "If we capture your city, we'll burn it!" The king sent a one-word reply: "If."

A young boy as trying to lift a boulder but it was too heavy. He told his father he was using ALL his strength. "No," his father smiled, "because you haven't asked me to help you yet."

Huggybear loves Jose Mari Chan. My favorite Filipino Christmas song of all time is A Perfect Christmas. My favorite Filipino song of all time is Constant Change. Whenever I hear A Love To Last A Lifetime, I always think about my parents. The music of Jose Mari Chan is in my heart and in my soul. See the videos

Truth be told, the average time I spend on Facebook (when I go online) is 5 to 10 minutes. Max

I tried to stop a truck racing towards me like that scene in I Am Number Four


The I Am Number Four piece was my SMS to the paranormal radio show Kasindak-Sindak (10:30 pm, Sundays, 92.3 NewsFM) last April 8
The April 8 episode had stories on Judas Iscariot, Julius Caezar and the "Devil Mountain" Mount Cristobal in Quezon Province. Plus some things I thought most people don't know, like the rivalry between Jesus The Christ and John The Baptist, and about Isis The Virgin Mother of God
They have a segment on dream interpretation. I thought it was a hoot to send one of mine
My message on went: "Then I suddenly jerked awake. What does it mean?"