October 20-26

Sex-only relationship: no hassles, no complications. What's the point of loving? Ces (Angel Locsin) reasons. Love only limits you - and in the end, inevitably, it will make you cry. I love the breakfast scene where Mackie (John Lloyd Cruz) cooks bacon after a wild night while Ces bonds with his housemates. How do you describe that gesture, when you sort of say, "Duh!" or "What kind of an idea is that?" but in a friendly way? You should come here every day so Macky will do the cooking, the landlady says, and Ces gives that cute expression. 

My favorite dialogue is when Mackie told her: I can't change your past or take away your fear of being hurt again - only you can do that; all I can do is to love you, and wait, and hope. The scene with Ces waking up as Mackie sings Binibini on the guitar is nice

But my favorite scene is when Mackie's housemates (Edgar Allan Guzman, Boom Labrusca and) entered his room and began singing Ikaw Ang Aking Mahal. He was amused, then shocked, when Ces suddenly appeared and joined in. She was crying, because she, finally, allowed herself to love again - and, once more, find true happiness

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October, 3, 2012, Wednesday, 7:16 p.m. I'm watching The Pickers on History Channel, about two guys who buy stuff to sell. In this episode, they bought, among others, a vintage 1939 Harley Davidson from a collector who looks like a retired rock star. I got to watch History a couple of times during the early evening in the last few weeks, mostly Pawn Stars and Kings of Restoration. What I really want to see are America's Book of Secrets and Ancient Aliens but they're in timeslots when I can't. I also want to see the new shows they'll premiere this October though I doubt I can: Ninja: Shadow Warriors and Hawking, a documentary on the inspiring life of the scientific genius Stephen Hawking. I saw one episode of Stan Lee's Super Humans, featuring a guy who rode his customized bike past the speed limit of 70 miles an hour: that guy is so cool. Then there's the teaser on my idol Johnny Depp on Bio. That guy is one of the reasons why I am like me, who is like him. Does that make sense?

Johnny Depp on Bio

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I have deep admiration for people who age gracefully, and I love the company of older people. I will always remember the Sept. 19, 2012 (Wednesday lunch time) episode of Bravo Filipino, a baby-boomer radio show that, like my blog 2Rivers, celebrates music and the rich cultural heritage of the Philippines. It's on 98.7 DZFE, The Master's Touch, hosted by Bert Robledo. One of the guest was maestro Robert Ryker, in town as the guest master conductor for a concert that features Stravinsky, Debussy and other musical masterpieces. Bert asked him his age, jokingly, expecting Robert to change the topic. But Robert Ryker says he doesn't mind revealing his age. Coming from a culture that virtually worships youth, I admire him for that.

"Music," I also remember him saying, "somehow does its own thing." That's sort of hard to explain, but music lovers instinctively know it to be true. 

His advice to musicians that I've taken to heart: "Have fun!" 

Bravo, Maestro!

Top-caliber genetic scientists Clive (Adrien Brody) and Elsa (Sarah Polley) achieve a scientific breakthrough when they successfully mix the DNA of different species to come up with a new life form. Fred and Ginger is a pair of worm-like creatures the size of Persian cats. When they were presented to the scientific community and the press, Ginger transforms into a male and they kill each other, their blood drenching the audience. Clive and Sarah's research is shut down. 

But covertly, they did the unthinkable, crossing the boundary where no man dared before. 

The result was a birdlike creature, whom they secretly raised like a daughter, gradually assuming human form as she grows at an accelerated rate. They call her Dren. Then Dren seduces Clive, and that's when he realizes that Sarah had used her own DNA. They are forced to kill Dren when she transforms into a vampire-like creature and tries to sting them with her poisoned tail. Clive and Sarah had just buried Dren when their boss at the laboratory arrived at their secret farm house. He has find out what they had done because Clive's brother betrayed them and spilled the beans, soon to spill his blood. Their boss demands to see the creature. 

He’s about to get what he came for because, at the moment, Dren is getting back from the dead. 

Trailer of Splice, directed by Vincenzo Natali


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"You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep spring from coming."

~Pablo Neruda