October 27 to November 2

ANU, the ruler of Nibiru, sent delegations of Anunnaki to earth, led by his sons EN.KI and EN.LIL, millennia ago. Nibiru, the seventh planet in our solar system coming from outside, needed gold to shield its vanishing atmosphere. EN.KI ruled the AB.ZU, in Africa; EN.LIL ruled the seven Cities of the Gods in E.DIN, off the Persian Gulf, where the highly advanced Sumerian civilization would later appear. But the Anunnaki on the AB.ZU, complaining of hard labor, staged a mutiny, as described in the Akkadian text Atra Hasis. The solution was to create an Adamu, or earthling, in their image, to serve them. 

Nibiru orbits the sun every 3,600 years; that is one year for Anunnakis, and later generations of humans would regard them as deities because they seem to be immortal. 

EN.KI's sign is the entwined copper serpents, symbol of healing and genetic engineering, with its double helix DNA motif. The copper serpent was also Moses' weapon against the pharaoh's magicians. 

EN.KI's son, Ningishzidda, is called by the Egyptians as Thoth, and the Greeks call him Hermes. 

Meanwhile, EN.LIL's son is Marduk, the central figure in the Babylonian epic The Seven Tablets of Creation, more popularly known by its opening words: Enuma elish

The term "Anunnaki" is Sumerian, which also means DIN.GIR ("The Righteous Ones of the Rocketships"). In Akkadian, they are Elohim ("The Lofty Ones"). The Bible translates it as Nefilim, which literally means "Those Who From Earth To Heaven Came." The Bible, in Numbers 13:33, says that the Nefilims are the "Sons of Anak" (the Hebrew for Anunnaki). 

Just before the Deluge, 432,000 years after they first landed on earth, the trending topic was the intermarriage between Nefilims and humans. Some of the alleged children are Enoch, Noah and Gilgamesh. 

I got all these superbly-detailed stories from Divine Encounters: A Guide To Visions, Angels and Other Emissaries by Zecharia Sitchin, author of the groundbreaking The Earth Chronicles

Psychic attacks can come from elementals, spirits of the dead, witchcraft, energy vampires, demonic entities and black magic rituals. To protect yourself, cover your solar plexus chakra. Some deep breathing exercises can strengthen the aura, so can a healthy lifestyle, "emotional cleansing" and "spiritual empowerment" through prayer. 

These are some stuff I got from the Sept. 2, 2012 episode of the Sunday late night paranormal radio show Kasindak-Sindak on 92.3 NewFM. 

Russian scientists are developing physical immortality with the use of robot avatars where people's brains and consciousness can be transferred. Speaking of immortality, here's my text message: A black metal band, Deicide, whose lead singer wears an inverted crucifix, sing songs like When Satan Rules His World and Death To Jesus

There are also stories on Vlad The Impaler, a kapre that brought both good and bad luck to a family in Marinduque, Elvis Costello's 1996 song I Want You and the mysterious creature caught last year from the Baltic Sea

For centuries, a race of powerful humans called The Brotherhood has peacefully co-existed with ordinary humans. But there are those who abused their mastery of genetic engineering, wreaking the "bad things" like plagues. The last one to cross the line is Edgar (Leo Gregory), who is attacking people like a vampire, spreading a virus that threatens to contaminate the city. He's being hunted by a lady police officer, Lily (Saffron Burrows) and someone he really should hide from: Silus (Dougray Scott), his half-brother who's even more powerful than he is. 

Humans can be so paranoid, says one character, I forgot who. I also forgot who replied to that, but I remember the line: "Maybe they have a good reason to be!" 

Silus and Lily team up to save the human race, and she realizes she's the bait 

Glenn Standring’s The Perfect Creature

A man walks down the street bearing a placard: "Will work for blood!" 

There is a dentist clinic with signs of smiling pearly-white teeth with fangs. 

This is a strange town, says Becca, as she and her sheriff father drive into Sporks, Washington. 

Becca is the new girl in school, and she parks into a slot which says "So Misundestood Student With A Crappy Truck." 

One student, Derrick, welcomes her. Anything you need, he tells her, I can get it: anything from "cheat sheets" to "human organs." 

A group of attractive pale-white students enter the cafeteria: the Sullens. 

Becca is attracted to Edward, a gorgeous "hottie," who was putting some make-up. 

The teacher asks Becca to sit beside Edward, whom she's "destined to have a fatalistic relationship which will spawn four books and movie franchise!" 

Class starts. The professor tells them to turn to page 63 of their text book: The Vampire Diaries

Becca tells Edward: "I don't like cold and wet things!" He replied: "You don't like Slurpee?"

A man in his boathouse gets surrounded by vampires, which includes an African-American man with dreadlocks and a Caucasian woman. I know who you are, he says. "You're The Black-Eyed Peas!"

Trailer of Vampire Sucks, Directed by Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer


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I went out to get prepaid mobile phone load and midnight snack past 10 on the night of Sunday, Nov. 4, 2012, so when I got back home, I only caught the last few minutes of Kasindak-Sindak. There was a story about an old woman in a remote village in Infanta town in Quezon province who can foretell the exact date and time of a person's death. Everybody in the village is afraid of her. Her relatives say that it isn't a innate gift (or curse, depending on who you ask) but something she learned from a "black book" containing rituals only she knows. The spookiest thing is: she has never been wrong in her warnings. They all died exactly on time, just as she said they would

I took some notes on the Oct. 21, 2012 episode, planning to write a blog post about it, but here, I'll just add these in the Comments section. The topics include the rumors of a conspiracy behind the deaths of Bruce Lee and his son, Brandon

There seems to be reason to suspect that Bruce did not of brain-related natural cause on July 29, 1979. A few days before he died, he and Hong Kong film producer went to visit the Taiwanese actress Betty something, who noticed that he looked pale but otherwise okay. On the day he died, Raymond and Betty heard about it while waiting for him for a meeting for the film Game of Death, which also stars British actor George Lazenby, who had played James Bond once in the film In Her Majesty's Secret Service

As for Brandon Lee, there are rumors, according to the show, that the gun accident which killed him during the filming of The Crow was not an accident. Brandon was only 28
Bruce Lee immediately calls to mind the scene in No Retreat, No Surrender, the film that ignited my life-long study of martial arts, which I first saw as a very young kid in the 80s. The hero of that story visits the grave of Bruce Lee in Lakeview Cemetery in Seattle, and later, the legendary martial arts master appears to teach him how to defeat Jean Claude Van Damme

There were also stories on alien abductions, sleep paralysis, inexplicabe surgeon-like animal mutilations, a woman who saw Satan in her kitchen and a couple of call center agents who saw the three ghosts haunting the production floor. The show did not name the company and didn't say if the ghosts were also taking in calls
One of my many happy memories is singing Weekend In New England at the CCP grounds in the late 90s, when they used to have all those open-air restaurants. With me was Gilbert, my second best friend, who died in 2009. He was the guy who took my photo wearing a red shirt, at the top of the 2Rivers sidebar, in Manila Ocean Park.

There was another time, same place, when I sang Somewhere Down The Road, with my friends Tony R. of Nueva Ecija and Randy R. of Malabon.

I love the 90s, and I love the music of Barry Manilow which transcends time
"Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared."

My favorite song from my favorite singer, I told a friend through Facebook message just now, sending him a link. Andrea Bocelli in his version of the French classic La Vie En Rose