Huggybear’s Favorite Bellamy Brothers Song

Let Your Love Flow


"...and let your love bind (you!), to all living things, and let your your love shine, and you'll know what I mean, that's the reason..." I've taken this song, Let Your Love Flow by the Bellamy Brothers, as one of my own, a long time ago, and it always takes me away from the things that takes me away from where I should be. "Just let your love flow! Like a mountain stream, and let your love grow! With the smallest of dreams, and let your love show! and you'll know what I mean! It's the season…!”
"Magmula nung akoy natutong umawit, naging makulay ang aking munting daigdig..." [FB Via SMART SMS Nov. 27, 2012]

"...bawat sandali aking pilit mabatid...!" Huggybear's blog 2Rivers is a celebration of Pinoy pop culture. This Ryan Cayabyab musical masterpiece, performed by Hajji Alejandro, is the winner of the first Metropop songwriting competition in 1974 and the anthem of original Filipino music. "Kay ganda ng ating musika, ito ay atin, sariling atin, at sa habambuhay awitin natin..."
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"Many times, I wish you were here, through the velvet shadows of my dreams..." "Just tell me you love me, whisper words I so long to hear..." Whenever I'm blue, writing and music helps clear my mind. In this world of constant change, the soundtrack of my life is always there for me, like my beloved mush from England Dan & John Ford Coley
. "If you tell me you love me, it will lead a way to your heart, through the nearness of silence, you love me..."