November 17-23

Jaime Licauco

Jaime "Jimmy" Licauco is a highly evolved soul. I believe that, absolutely, and I totally understand why he is (like me) not conventionally religious—but deeply spiritual and in tune with the most fundamental truths of human existence. 

I asked Jimmy, the foremost parapsychologist in the country, three questions of the utmost importance to my life. I sent the questions via text message to his Sunday night Teleradyo show Inner Mind On Radio on Nov. 4, 2012. His co-host Charmaine Cruz read them all on air, starting with the second: 

How do I establish the link to my Higher Self? Is that the same as guardian angel? When I die, will I become somebody else's spirit guide before my next lifetime?

The only way, Jimmy says, is through meditation — going deep down to the Alpha level, the same state achieved by monks and hypnosis subjects. But this is not a one-time, big-time thing: meditation is a way of life. Bruce Lee would agree 

My third question was read next: 

Can u pls tell me if Im correct in believing that I chose this life even before I was born, based on my own spiritual path? Is it really just like a student choosing his next class based on his graduation requirements?

Jimmy said, "Yes!" stressing the importance of taking assuming responsibility for my actions. Nobody else is responsible for my life, Jimmy says—only me 

Just when the Jim 2 show was ending, Charmaine read a quick one: my first question: 

I believe in proactively helping others to balance my karma in my present n previous lifetimes. Am I in the right track?

Jimmy, before signing off, answered my question with an empathic "Yes!" 


I read Silva book, haven't tried because I lost it during Ondoy. The apps are practical but I forgot how. Do they work? 

The above passage is my text message to Jaime Licauco on the Nov. 11, 2012 episode of Inner Mind On Radio. The Silva Mind Control Method, developed by Jose Silva, has real-life applications useful for everyday life, like conditioning yourself to wake up, refreshed, at anytime you choose. For a working student like me, this would be invaluable. Jimmy himself read my message. Yes, he said, they do work. They are the first to introduce the concept in the country in the 80s; and while Silva seminars are no longer being conducted, his Inner Mind seminars are also teaching similar improved mind-dynamics methods.

That episode was full of listeners' questions about an incredible variety of topics. The world will not end this coming December 21st, says Jimmy Licauco, to which Huggybear fully agrees. This prediction, explains Jimmy, is a misinterpretation of the various interpretations of the Mayan calendar. We are coming to an end of cycle, characterized by weather and geologic phenomena, like Hurricane Sandy and the killer quake in Guatemala, but it's not -- repeat, NOT -- Doomsday 

(See the Huggybear story, also published in AllVoices, Do You Believe The World Will End In 2012?

Another equally mesmerizing subject was the Annunaki, the race of beings from the planet Nibiru as detailed by Zecharia Sitchin in The Earth Chronicles. 

(See also the recent Huggybear story on the Annunaki on our October 27 issue)


Anthony Pangilinan’s Magbago Tayo

It is an uplifting Saturday morning as I type this on my phone, getting ready for bed after my graveyard shift at the call center, on November 3, 2012. I'm tuned in to Magbago Tayo, the inspirational TV-radio show hosted by change-management expert and public speaker Anthony Pangilinan. He is in New Jersey at the moment, the state where, coincidentally, our company's client is based: Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey, in Newark; our callers are doctors asking for patients' medical coverage and about the status of the claims they've submitted for medical insurance reimbursement. 

I didn't get the guest host's name but I took notes of the priceless new gems wisdom he shared: I love the one about sports games as analogy for life: a true leader looks at both the playbook and the score board. I may know what I want and what to do, and I also need to know where I am and where I'm headed. 

Another unforgettable lesson is from Zig Ziglar, and I'll be incorporating these into my life: 

1. "Success is the power to change." 

2. "Success is good if it does not get into your head." Conversely (and this is one of my instant favorite lines): "Failure is good if it does not get into your heart." 

3. "Success is inevitable," according to Zig Ziglar, if you do the 4 Ps: Pray, Plan, Prepare and Participate. 

The guest host also shared and expounded on Manny Pacquio's secret of success: "Extreme self-discipline" and of course, "prayer." A listener asked for advice about finding work even if he's over-aged. The guest host said the issue is "not employment but employability!" 

The guest is Efren Penaflorida, CNN Hero of the Year awardee and founder of the Cavite-based Dynamic Teen Company, whose advocacy is teaching literacy for young children and adolescents. I first heard of Efren when I came across his nomination for the CNN in 1999, and I even posted a big campaign poster on 2Rivers; my own way of showing my support, linked to the site where people can cast their votes online

It tickles me that, as listened to his amazing journey to spread literacy, I was then reading four books, alternating every couple of pages: Wayne Dyer's Pulling Your Own Strings; Whitley Streiber's Communion; Barbara Michael's Greygallows and Edward Albee's Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf 

One of the things I'll always remember from that episode is an insight from John Maxwell: A true leader touches your heart before asking you to lend a hand. 


The Death of Superman

A childhood friend lent me his vintage copy of the collector's item edition of The Death of Superman around the second of July 2012. The members of the Justice League were no match for the totally indestructible and infinitely powerful villain, Doomsday. He simply trashed Maxima, Ice, Bloodwynd, The Blue Beatle, Booster Gold, the Lantern Guy Gardner, Guardian, even Supergirl who was (listen to this) the girlfriend of Luthor. There was no mention of Batman and the other Superfriends. 

There was only unstoppable destruction. 

In the end, the unthinkable has happened. 

I was shocked. I found myself mourning. The Man of Steel is dead. 

But Superman is forever


Bless The Child

Max (Kim Basinger) had raised Cody (Holliston Coleman) after Jenna (Angela Bettis), her estranged sister and the girl's mother, abandoned the baby. When Cody was around 10, a series of child murders terrorizes the city. FBI Agent Travis (Jimmy Smits) discovers that the victims have a common link: all were born on December 16, the day the star that guided the magis appeared over Bethlehem. 

Out of the blue, Jenna appears to take Cody away, swearing to Max that her new husband, Eric Stark (Rufus Sewell), has helped cure her drug addiction. Stark is the famous founder of the self-help group  The New Dawn. Max adamantly refuses, and the next thing she knew, the girl has been kidnapped. Cheri (Christina Ricci), a girl who escaped from New Dawn, reveals its dark side, and Max witnesses how she's murdered by the goth-costumed cult members. 

Cody, who is showing mild signs of autism, also possesses unique abilities, and she was also born December 16, a significant date for Satanic worship


Here in 2Rivers, just revived from the archive, are some of my favorite TV shows from the 80s. You can watch full episodes of Voyagers! Valerie, The Wonder Years, Knight Rider and The Greatest American Hero! Plus classic cartoons shows like Spiderman, Superboy, Transformers and of course, The Superfriends! Welcome to the 2Rivers Fun Machine!! Watch out for more shows and episodes in the future! Keep the happy memories forever!
"Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky."

~Rabindranath Tagore
“Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.”

~Albert Camus
From The Huggybear Show:

"The soul comes back in another body, like, a robber comes back as a fox?”
“No. A robber comes back as a victim.”
“How come I don’t remember my past lives?”
“It is all in the mind.”
“So how do you get out of this merry-go-round?” asked Huggybear.
“Ye must become perfect.”
“That’s impossible!”
“Is it? It is like solving a crosswords puzzle, Huggybear. Sometimes, thou art right, sometimes thou art wrong. Sometimes ye face a blank. But ye still go on,” said Leon.
“Trial and error?”
“Yes. The scientific method. If ye persevere, ye will come to a place where every letter just falls into place. Suddenly, thou art gazing at what was not there before. But if ye really think about it, it has been there all along,” said Leon