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Jan 26 To Feb 1

On Being Nice: I'm experimenting on subliminal dynamics so I needed a cassette tape recorder. I squeezed some time to buy the cheapest China-made model from the appliance section of SM Southmall on Jan. 20, 2013. I was in a hurry so I never bothered to test it. Back home, it didn't work. I had to waste more time and cancel some planned activities to return and get a replacement. It was frustrating but I'm happy and really proud to say that I got one without acting like a self-righteous jerk, demeaning other people in public. I'm not like that and it doesn't help any. I even got rapport with the merchandiser and flirted with the customer service girl. I want people to be nice to me so I'm nice to them. It's called...CHARM

On Lucena: The fun part of Lucena City in Quezon Province, when I was there Nov. 23, 2012, is the plaza full of jampacked food stalls in front of the provincial capitol. But I already had a burger at Mozart, one of the local burger stands a …

Silicon Valley: Where Ideas Change The World

January 19-25

This story originally appeared in Philippine Panorama, August 16, 2012
Thierry Lewis was at a crossroad. His presentation at a trade exhibit fair in San Diego was a mess, and his plane leaves home to Paris at six that evening. But he doesn’t want to leave. “I can stay here and I may or not may make it,” he thought, “or I can go back and surely I will never make it.
            His mind surging in panic, he decided to take that one-in-a-lifetime shot at making it big in America. So he cancelled his flight and went to Silicon Valley. He’s not really sure what to expect but he was disappointed: There was nothing but suburbs and low office parks. No sense of arrival. Nothing. Except rain and the falling night.
            Much later, he met maverick tech writer Po Bronson, and his start-up saga joined the prisms in the kaleidoscope The Nudist On The Late Shift and Other True Stories of Silicon Valley (Random House) which fascinated me so much I read straight through – that rare…

January 12-18

The Root of The Dysfunctional Philippine Justice System
I sent this story to the op-ed sections of five different national broadsheets on the last week of November 20012. Some things came up and I wasn't able to check if they published it or not

The Philippine justice system still remains dysfunctional at its root, despite motherhood statements for political mileage. I personally witnessed this when I accompanied a friend of mine, victimized by theft and still in shock, to file a complaint. My friend has just put all his life savings for a small Internet shop in Malate, most of the equipments still on loan, and the new houseboy vanished with all 10 computers and that day's earnings. The suspect had applied for the job but he took his documents along with the loot. Following a hunch and armed only with the name, I found a photo of him on Facebook

We went first to the barangay hall at the street at the back of Shoppes@Victoria around 7 in the evening of Nov. 25, 2012, Sunday. It …

Jukebox: A Short Novel By Jonathan Aquino (Part 7 of 7)

January 5-11
Rico frowned as he opened the door. Standing outside was a well-dressed man who looked like Allan Paule in Masahista. "Daniel!" Rico was shocked, blood draining away from his face. "What are you doing here!" "I've following you," Daniel said, with leashed menace, entering the room. "So this is why you're always out of the house!" Rico stepped back, his face ghastly pale. "Babe, is this your uncle?" asked Jo, frightened, coming up behind him. "Is that what he told you?" Daniel asked her, his voice rising. "Leave her out of this, Daniel!" said Rico, covering Jo. "Please!" "Why? Are you afraid to be embarrassed in front of your girlfriend?" shouted Daniel. "You're afraid she'll know the truth?" "Babe, what's he talking about?" cried Jo, nearly hysterical. "Babe, I'm sorry I lied to you!" said Rico miserably, turning to face her, begi…