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Albert Einstein: A Man Apart

July 27 to August 2 
Shay Cullen David Ogilvy Albert Einstein Norman Vincent Peale

Every once in a while, we come across a person with that undefinable aura of greatness. I have had the honor of meeting the Irish-born 3-time Nobel Peace nominated Fr. Shay Cullen at the Preda center in Olongapo just this February.

He has done (and suffered) more for the Philippines than most Filipinos. It was awesome just to be in his presence, basking in the radiance of his sincerity and selfishness.

My story, "Shay Cullen: Making This World A Safer Place, One Child At A Time," is meant to be a timeless tribute to his sacrifices and triumphs in the name of children's rights.

(This is the cover story of my story, "Shay Cullen: Making This World A Safer Place, One Child At A Time," which appeared in Philippine Panorama magazine of The Manila Bulletin but I forgot the date but around late 2012)

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Chuck Swindoll: My Radio Pastor

July 20-26 Edition
Choa Kok Sui  Pranic Psychotherapy  Chuck Swindoll  Ricky Lee's Trip To Quiapo 

A slim volume of quotes from pranic healing pioneer Choa Kok Sui galvanized my entire being. The most valuable lessons I learned is that I have to clean my thoughts, beliefs and intentions so I can materialize what I want. I've known that for some time but it's only now that I will really focus on the fundamentals. I need to mentally strengthen my Will power so I will write down specifically what I want.

I felt hope in one of the passages: "Good Karma supercedes Bad Feng Shui." It resonates with me because I read that while I was living in a place that I don't want to be in anymore. I also saw the ideal of proactively doing good things in a new light. A tithe is just one form of "karmic investment." 
I laughed at the passage "If you don't like somebody, lend him money and he will stay away." That's so wise and so true. It reminded me of t…

Richard Feynman: Maverick Super-Genius

July 13-19 Edition

Ask Your Angels  Raffy Tulfo  Philippine Prose and Poetry Richard Feynman 

The way to the angels is through GRACE: Grounding, Releasing, Aligning, Communicating and Enjoying. You are grounding yourself "to collect and stabilize your energy" to "allow you to be fully present, alert but relaxed, and receptive," it says in Ask Your Angels by Alma Daniel, Timothy Wylie and Andrew Ramer (Ballantine, NY). Relax your whole body, "focus awareness on each part," and visualize yourself "surrounded by light."

You are now grounding. You are focusing on your deep breathing. You are connecting down to the center of the earth. As you inhale, you are receiving the healing and nourishing energy of the earth. As you exhale, you are releasing all remaining tension and toxins from your body and bringing them down into the earth where they are recycled. Now you are connecting to the entire universe through the top of your head. The energies of heaven …

Arturo B. Rotor: My Favorite Filipino Author

July 6-12 Edition
Arturo B. Rotor Dahong Palay The Superbeings Danny Boyle's Trance

One of the writers who has a special place in my heart is Arturo B. Rotor, who wrote my favorite essay ("Convict's Twilight") and my favorite short story ("Dahong Palay") written by a Filipino in English. I asked Ateneo Prof. Danton Remoto to tell me more about him, through a text to Remoto Control, his weeknight culture and education radio show on 92.3 NewsFM (101.9 here in Cebu) on June 5, 2013.
Without notes or any preparation, he gave an admirably spontaneous answer. Some of Rotor's books are The Wound and The Scar and Men Who Play God, about doctors. Rotor was himself a medical doctor, with the gift of vividly unforgettable writing. Arturo B. Rotor was a winner in the Commonwealth Literary Contests, the young nation's most prestigious honor for writers before the war
"Rotor has produced but few stories, but they are of such merit that he is generally regarde…

Reynaldo Carcillar and Antonio Lalik

Special Midweek Edition
I learned the news about Reynaldo Carcillar late night of July 1, 2013, Monday, and I was really driven to write this story right then.

Then an hour later, past midnight and already July 2 early morning Tuesday, I found myself monitoring the live broadcast of the shameless and obviously intoxicated Antonio Lalik.

I never felt so cynical about the Philippines at that moment. I find it amusingly pathetic that the government wanted to change the country's name to "Filipinas" as if that will change anything. Then again, why do you expect from bureaucrats expect stupid ideas, like selling the historic Rizal Memorial Coliseum?

I'm really affected by the news about Reynaldo Carcillar, the old man who died of a heart attack in front of La Salle University in Manila. He was a pedicab driver, meaning: he was poor and therefore unworthy in the eyes of most people in society. At the same time, I wasn't suprised that the security guards at the gates an…