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Lessons From Buddha

September 28-October 4

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One of the greatest lessons I learned from Buddha is the folly of spending my time on what has no value in my life. 

I used to try to prove myself to people who I don't even care about. I thought it was cool to show how smart I am until I realized it was stupid and pointless. 

At the end of the day, it all amounts to nothing. 

By implication, Buddha has also taught me it is enriching when I try to see the world from another person's view. 

My experiences in the present is enough for seven lifetimes. If I come across a character I can relate to, and he's in a situation that hasn't happened to me before, I tend to imagine how I would have reacted. 
I wonder what I would have done if I were Heathcliff, Fredericksen, Mason or Jason, all from movies I saw on cable on July 2013 

Almost all of the most important people in my life are dead, and I have wallowed in the most unimaginable pain. 

I've never bee…

Huggybear's Lost Diaries

September 21-27 Edition
Jonathan Aquino's Journals
September 4, 2012
In almost every class I've taken in school and work trainings, I always had classmates who insist on showing others how brilliant they are. They seem so desperate to impress everybody. Like, they would absorb a lesson faster, and they act like they have become the experts. They don't seem to realize that, in displaying their intelligence, they inadvertently show how superficial it is.
They are called epal, a Filipino colloquial term that refers to those who want to hog the spotlight. (The word comes from papel, the local term for "paper," which can also mean "role," The idea is: they want to have a role in every scene.)
What I find equally pathetic are the others who try to be like them, wanting to show the world they are also elite, part of in the "in" crowd. I don't think they are better than me, for the simple reason that I don't feel inferior. But they never cease t…

August Diaries (2 of 3)

September 14-20 Edition
Jonathan Aquino's August 2013 Diaries (2 of 3)
August 16, 2013 4:58 p.m., Friday Fuente Osmeña Circle Cebu City
I'm deeply moved by how Paulo Coehlo's quest came to an end in The Pilgrimage, which I just finished at the Cebu City Public Library in Jones Avenue. My own spiritual journey is like his trek along the mystical Road To Santiago de Compostela. In the end, you realize that what you're looking for has been there all along: within you.
I always thank God for everything, even the smallest things most people take for granted, like the gift of sight. I won't say "Thank God it's Friday," though, because I'm on a roll writing my latest series of articles and the library is closed on weekends. But it's a very productive day and I have no complaints. Only gratitude. 
One of the many books I read today is Genius and The Mind: Studies of Creativity and Temperament. There are four famous people on the cover. One is Lord Byro…

Carl Sagan: A Beautiful Mind

September 7-13 Edition
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9/11 changed everything. Power-trippers all over the world, especially greedy police and bureaucratic security guards in the Philippines, use it to justify harassment and extortion of decent citizens. The paranoia in the immediate aftermath was almost out of control.

The Philadelphia Inquirer revealed how the U.S. Justice Department maliciously hyped up its anti-terrorist record by arbitrarily labeling cases as terrorism.

One example is a man from Arizona who got drunk on a United Airlines flight, and then convicted for "domestic terrorism." Another case of "terrorism" is when seven Chinese sailors took over a Taiwanese fishing boat to sail to Guam to seek political asylum. 
Thanks to the expose, Republican Congressman Dan Burton asked the nonpartisan General Accounting Office to investigate. In one year, from September 30, 2001 to the same day in 2012, the Justice Department trumpete…