Al Jarreau

June 4 Midweek Musical 

Huggybear's Favorite Songs From Al Jarreau 


Spain [I Can Recall]

Boogie Down 

After All 

Never Givin' Up

Let's Pretend


The Christmas Song 

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"I can remember the rain in December
the leaves of brown on the ground!
In Spain I did love and adore you,
the nights filled with joy were our yesterdays
and tomorrow will bring you near me..."
"I can be
what I want to
and all I need
is to get my boogie down..."
"Love, the author of space and time,
keeps the galaxies and each sparrow alive..."
When I was working in Northgate Cyberzone in Alabang, Muntinlupa around the middle to late 2012, I was renting a room in a family compound just off the campus-like grounds. I would just walk beneath the tree-lined jogging lane. My shift ended at daybreak, and I'd go home in peace and early morning sunshine, just like I wrote on my memoirs which I published on my blog on September 21, 2013. I would always sing Mornin' by Al Jarreau. "My heart will soar with love that's red and green..."

(June 30, 2014 1:41 p.m., Monday)
"I can be what I want to..."
Huggybear said…

"Good morning Mr. Radio..."