Crossing Over

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June 28 to July 4 Edition

April 20, 2014

My life is full of serendipity and synchronicity. It's a beautiful Sunday evening. I'm in my room reading John Edward's Crossing Over.

I remember my spirit being moved when I read his first book, One Last Time. It inspired to write "Line To Heaven," one of my many magazine articles about what people label as paranormal.

The editor in the magazine where I regularly submit thought that story about a psychic medium who talks to the spirits of the dead is too controversial. 

On the other hand, this is also a message of healing. I find it life-affirming. My story about what happens when people die is a really a celebration of life.

John Edward
Crossing Over

May 5, 2014

One of my core values is being keen on the results of a personal project. Does it give me what I want? If not, what should I do to make it work? 

I've been planning to enroll in a gym in SM mall because the office gym is not giving me what I need anymore: an environment that's conducive to optimal workout. There has a lot of users who keep turning off the air conditioning. Worse, they would burp loudly at the airless room. Stinking disgusting creatures.  I could have done that weeks ago but I felt hesitant because that means I have to go through the mall's rude guards. There is also the factor of going to the mall through traffic and the crowds. I've been in this city long enough to know that the best way to deal with the natives is to avoid them.

Still, I went to the mall just to see how I'd feel, hoping my gut instinct would kick in. I walked past the glass walls of the gym. The place was jam-packed. No way, I thought, feeling horror at the mere thought of being in the midst of that crowd. I guess that answers my question. It's settled, then. 

I feel that I've made the wise choice to stay away. Now that I'm in the mall, I try to buy a cassette recorder but they're out of stock. I think these things are slowly being phased out. They shouldn't be. I embrace change but just because something is deemed already out of fashion doesn't mean there's nobody's left to appreciate it. Good manners and right conduct seems to have became obsolete too.

I've always felt like a stranded astronaut on a strange planet here in Cebu. I found a second-hand copy of Robert Henlein's classic science fiction novel Stranger On A Strange Land when I rummaged in Book Sale after going to the the appliance store. I still have a lot of books I haven't written notes of, so I'll buy it the next time I'm here, probably next week when the crowds for Spiderman 2 have thinned out.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

What I bought for a steal, pardon the pun, is a hardcover copy of Barry Sear's The Zone. By chance, I got a paperback copy of Sears' A Week In The Zone about two weeks ago. I'm trying to incorporate this into my lifestyle without bumping off food combining. Then of course there's one of my favorite writers: Stephen King. I got a copy of one of the few King books I haven't read: Danse Macabre. Now that's something to look forward to.

May 8, 2014

I'm like a Volkswagen Beetle. I know, and all my friends and work colleagues know, that I'm very reliable. I'm sturdy, able to withstand the elements. Old school too, in my taste for music, movies, and I'm of those few remaining people on the planet who thinks that a quiet evening at home reading books is fun. Most of all, I have transcended fashion and will forever remain timeless. 

I'm also like a Ferrari in certain aspects, to take this car metaphor on the road. My mechanism is a bit delicate but full of power just waiting to fire up. You can't drive a Ferrari where even 4x4 SUVs fear to tread, in the same way that you can't put me in a situation where I don't want to, and then expect optimal performance. But given expert handling and maintenance, you'll see the difference from the herds in the highway.

May 16, 2014

Change your thought and you change your life. That was the message of Wayne Dyer, a man whom I never but I consider as one of my spiritual mentors.

I've been watching his Tao-inspired talk everyday for the last four days while I upload my Bogo film. When he was 65, the time when most people are retired and just counting the days, he let go of his material possesions and spent a year studying the Tao Te Ching, the book of wisdom by the great Chinese sage Lao Tze.

Wayne Dyer
Your Thoughts Are Creating Your Reality

Water is softer than a rock yet it can tear down mountains without force. The Tao is like water, gently flowing into everything. Water, like happiness, cannot be grasped. You just allow it to flow.  It's about letting go and letting it be. Allow things to happen naturally, like a river flows into the sea. Allow people to be who they are. Allow nature to be your teacher. Allow the universe to reveal it's secrets. Allow yourself to be one with everything.

That is the Way of the Tao.


I have a friend who likes biographies. He's been telling me about the so-called untold stories about Imelda Marcos and Marilyn Monroe. So I'll give him my copy of Pulitzer winner A. Scott Berg's Kate Remembered, an intimate portrait of Katharine Hepburn, rather than donate it to the library along with my other books. But I want to make a couple of notes about it first.

I read it for four straight nights before going to work around the late part of April. I feel like I've gotten to know the screen legend through the stories. I feel like the author: just a regular guy going about his daily life but having a special connection to someone extraordinary.

That was before I got married on May 17, 2014. I read parts of it last night, especially the whirlwind affair with Howard Hughes and the undying romance with Spencer Tracy. I can relate to how she revived her seemingly ruined career with The Philadelphia Story

(Phone Notes, June 26 2014, Thursday)
One of the topics is vaginal steaming. We were having an early lunch of fried fresh tilapia fish dipped in calamansi juice and soy sauce while tuned in to Edinel Calbario in her natural healing radio show Healing Galing on 101.9 Radyo Singko, the Cebu frequency of 92.3 NewsFM which I've written about so much.

Apparently you need to fully boil 3 cups of water and 1 cup of vinegar. You put the mix on a pail. You then get a piece of plywood with a small hole and cover the pail. Now you sit over it, the steam going through the hole to shoot up straight to the target area.

(Phone Notes, 10:42 a.m., Sunday, June 22, 2014)