My Favorite Song From Terri Gibbs

November 5 Midweek Musical 

Tell Me That You Love Me

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"So far away
on a cold, lonely night,
if I could only hear your voice,
then I'd be alright..."
"Tell me that you love me,
tell me that you care,
I just wanna hear your voice
come flowing through the air..."
"I’d give anything to see your face, just to share the silence of your eyes,
your love is something no one can replace, while I’m gone I don’t want you to cry,
please don’t cry..."
Huggybear said…

"...I just wanna hear your voice..."

Huggybear said…

"...come flowing through the air..."

Huggybear said…
Today I changed the title to "My Favorite Song From Terri Gibbs." The original title was "Tell Me That You Love Me" and subtitled "Huggybear's Favorite Songs From Terri Gibbs." I published this story on November 4, 2014, even before I began our Wednesday Songs series.