Touching Wisdom Inside Your Mind (Part 1)

Saturday Evening Posts
November 8-4 Edition

Touching Wisdom Inside Your Mind 
Part 1

I hold it as a mark of honor that a lot of people trust me. I'm there for them as they open their lives, even reveal their deepest secrets, just to help ease the burdens of their souls. Sometimes I feel like radio love gurus Joe The Mango or Jun "Doctor Love" Banaag.

I tell them that I find inner peace when I listen to my heart. I've lost count of the many times my instincts have been proven right. I also tell them that my most painful experiences came from the times I stifled that "still, small voice," as the Bible calls it.

I feel a sense of inevitability when I heard about another radio star, one who wrote a book that shows how intuition, not to mention remote viewing and astral projection, can be developed. I knew, even before halfway through George Noory's Worker In The Light, that I'll read it over and over again.

I was right. My last act before falling asleep is to jump from page to page like a teleport, absorbing by osmosis. It's now one of my boon companions in my inner journey. I have my share of the otherworldly just like the author, Noory, the host of Coast To Coast AM, the late-night paranormal call-in radio program aired throughout the United States and Canada.

To Be Continued Next Saturday

George Noory in "Beyond Belief"
with James Van Praagh

Jonathan Aquino's Journals

July 30, 2014,
5:15 p.m., Wednesday

There are different reasons why people maintain a veneer of fiction in their lives. It is easier at times to believe in the illusion because the reality may lead to places you don't want to be in. It's like skating over thin ice.

But the frost may crack when you least expect it, the mask may fall off just when you began to believe it's real.  A relationship carries a baggage of emotions, one on top of the other like layers in a birthday cake.

 There is love, yet there are also the other hues from the entire spectrum of human emotions. They are all there, like graphic scintillations of a spinning kaleidoscope. I've asked myself many times what if people can read each other's minds? What if each and everyone of us can fathom the innermost depths of our fellowmen? If this is a world of telepaths, then I somehow doubt that civilization itself would continue to exist. I see the irony of a person trying to be somebody else in order to be like everybody else.

The Best of Jerry Lewis

I remember an old movie with comedy star Jerry Lewis. There's a scene where he's thinking really nasty things about a certain person. But his thoughts are being heard by everyone like a live broadcast, and the guy he's thinking about is standing right in front of him.


"I think everything I do is normal, not paranormal but normal. It's using the power of the mind to achieve whatever we can endure." ~ David Blaine
It is easier at times to believe in the illusion because the reality may lead to places you don't want to be in...
"This is the miracle that happens every time to those who really love: the more they give, the more they possess." ~ Rainer Maria Rilke